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Conversation Between Streg and marcosmapf
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  1. Streg
    2013-07-07 14:04
    Same here
    there again, you (and mee) seem to be the only one to mention the risk of getting robbed. It seems our settings are pretty close
  2. marcosmapf
    2013-07-06 23:50
    Unfortunatly people don't realise that flamming just makes things worse. I have flammed several things aswell already (such as game chats, facebook conversations and etc), I'm no saint, but when its with someone you talk on a daily basis, then you better avoid doing so.
  3. Streg
    2013-07-06 08:36
    The whole "take a pic of your meal" discussion for exemple, I agree with everything you said there. Or when you tried to stop that recent flamewar. I know it's useless and nobody ever stops, but I do that all the time
  4. marcosmapf
    2013-07-06 07:57
    That's indeed very weird! What is it that you wanted to post but I did before? Now I'm curious

    And no... don't make such bad puns man
  5. Streg
    2013-07-06 02:15
    This has happened quite a few times now: I'm about to post something in a thread, then I realize that what I was going to say had already been said by you! It gives me the creeps, your avatar suggests me we are "linked". Got it? "Link"ed? Thank god we had different point of views about the smartphone danger discussion, or I'd be worried you stole my identity and brought it to Brazil or something.

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