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Conversation Between Quetch and Gabriel
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  1. Quetch
    2009-11-18 15:59
    lol hell no !!! I just stopped using msn for soooo damn long I can't even remember (not enough time) ... I guess I stopped logging in by the time u've started not to see me online no more no worries, I do not judge a person by his/her age
  2. Gabriel
    2009-11-18 05:38
    Awesome... So it's Physics I suppose!... Good, I'm planning to study Physics here in Lima... This year I'm finishing school... I applied to Electronic Engineering but I'll move on to Physics soon.
    By the way... did you changed your msn? or did you get bored of talking to me? Maybe because I was 13 :P I think the last time we talked on msn it was ages ago !!!!
  3. Quetch
    2009-11-13 23:07
    umm it's all physics in one ... but especially electrical, quantum and atomc engineering. Mechanical one is studied more in-depth at the Automatics faculty
  4. Gabriel
    2009-11-13 02:42
    Omg I really love that stuff ... I suppose that you're studying Physics? Or is it Physical Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering?
  5. Quetch
    2009-10-29 18:00
    exactly what you have posted oh and electronics, elecrictrical engineering, robotics, nanotechnology, micro and optoelectronics, applied electrotechnics and a whole bunch of other stuff related to the ones above
  6. Gabriel
    2009-10-29 03:08
    Quantum physics, relativity, advanced math... sounds interesting. What are you studying at university?
  7. Quetch
    2009-05-11 23:51
    hielu !!!
  8. Gabriel
    2009-05-11 18:04
    Hello there

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