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  1. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-02-13 17:24
    (Btw, completely offtopic to current events going on the MBN surrounding you, JJ and whoever else I don't know of, here's something I'd like you to know in case you ever wondered about it: Yes, that time when I apologized to you, I was being 100% sincere. ... and I did expect you to comment on the song I offered haha. )
  2. Double-J
    2013-02-13 15:27
    5. So you're acknowledging arrogance and patronizing. You are not the most well-educated person here nor do you have the most life experience, yet you act as if you are somehow well-versed in both. Stop it. You've been challenged on your points and rather than use this as an opportunity for growth, you are going to let it defeat you and return to a shell of comfort.

    Take this opportunity to learn from people, to see a variety of people, multicultural people, and run with it. You said yourself you wanted to observe, right? I'm sorry that you haven't liked all that you see. You're clearly bright. I just don't see how leaving will accomplish anything other than being comfortable.

    Challenges aren't comfortable, and change does not come without challenge.
  3. Double-J
    2013-02-13 15:27
    1. I see that. I'm not sure why the visitor message system doesn't group these sort of things by default.
    2. So you want to leave, but you can't? Like I said, why not permanently garble your account info to make it impossible for you to return, if that is how you feel?
    3. Now you're being patronizing and arrogant, which is why your posts were so abrasive to some people. "Not worth of my slightest attention." Please. You're made some posts and people called you out on that. If you weren't interested in a response, you shouldn't have posted.
    4. If you consider what's happened here a.) insulting and b.) the 1st time that's happened in your life, I hope you are prepared for what is to come. It will get much worse. That's not a personal dig, I'm just saying, in life you will be questioned constantly.

    *split for length*
  4. Double-J
    2013-02-13 05:52
    To challenge yourself? To pass borders you don't like to pass? To cross a threshold?

    You obviously felt interested enough to go from lurker to member. From observer to participant.

    Did you expect that people would agree with you unequivocally? What values are most important to you?
  5. Double-J
    2013-02-13 05:33
    Oh, come on. That's not how these things work. What did you set out to get here? You've posted your opinion and people have responded. People grow, people change. If you look at what I posted when I first registered, I was an idiot. The point is that you will never grow if you don't engage in discussion and debate. Running away is not the answer.

    You are allowing people to hurt you and you are allowing yourself to be hurt. Detachment, not disengagement, is the answer.

    Again, you can't take all of this so seriously. It's a debate forum. Odds are no one here is going to be persuaded to change their minds, at least not easily. But we've been around for so long because of the fact that we're all, generally, friends. You can't expect that to happen overnight.

    Why don't you just relax, avoid the controversial threads for a bit, and just get to know us?
  6. Double-J
    2013-02-13 05:20
    You mean you sincerely want to delete your account?

    I'm not trying to be mean, but if you want to leave, why don't you just randomize your password with gibberish and change the email to a nonexistent email so you can't log back in? That's about as close as I can think to a self-ban.

    Why you'd want to do that is your prerogative. I don't think you should. You're still partaking in discussions, which makes me think you don't really want to leave. I don't think you should leave, frankly.
  7. Double-J
    2013-02-13 05:14
    Stop taking this forum so seriously. Do you think I get worked up over what's said? No. We all move on. It doesn't carry over unless people let it. Leaving seems like a rather silly thing to do in my opinion.
  8. Double-J
    2013-02-13 05:04
    Why would you delete your account?
  9. Double-J
    2013-02-13 04:58
    Your profile became suddenly (and decisively) barren.
  10. Double-J
    2013-02-13 04:20
    Please don't leave. I made a thread on ice cream.

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