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Or Emi (was StreGGy)

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  1. Styx
    2013-06-04 23:58
    Pt. 3

    But back on topic, I think it would be incorrect to stop learning Latin, but I believe it should be made optional. Living abroad most of my life have shown me how important English is, as I'm sure you know, in both academia and employment. The time spent at school learning Latin imo would be better spent learning English, even if it's just conversation. I acknowledge the benefits of Latin, but I deem the advantages of doing something else greater. If it were optional I would understand, it would be interesting to see what percentage of students opt in or out, and how many of those decisions are influenced by parents (who may be more inclined to a conservative decision since that's how they did it). I think it would be a cool thing to examine how the Italian demographics behaved if given more freedom of choice in their studies, but what do I know! Whaddayathink?

    The boundary hath spoken!
  2. Styx
    2013-06-04 23:57
    Pt. 2

    Personally I find it hard to formulate an opinion on the usefulness of the language itself because I have never studied it. I tend to believe that it is more use-less than use-ful. I mean, color it how you like, but in the end it remains a language that nobody speaks and you will never directly use that knowledge. Also, I understand Latin carves a big chuck of your academic schedule. I am biased here because English is my second mother tongue, but I believe that time could be better spent learning English. The English taught in Italy is awful! It's taught all wrong and badly! Often I get asked things like, "when do I use may and when might?/when do I implement the past participle?" etc. I have no fucking clue! We make the mistake of teaching English like it was a latin language, putting too much emphasis on grammar and rules like is necessary in Italian. The level of speaking ability I have encountered in Italy is very poor and writing even worse.
  3. Styx
    2013-06-04 23:56
    Pt. 1

    Finally a moment of rest! Anyways, I'm no linguist and have never studied languages at a higher education level. In addition, bear in mind that I have never studied in the Italian education system, not even when I lived in Italy briefly. What I know I have read or heard, but mostly told by Italian friends who are subject to the subject on a daily basis.

    Most of the time, however, all I've heard are complaints along the lines of "ma che cazz studiamm a fa sta lingua e mmerd"... But alas this happened mostly during interrogation periods. On the other hand I know a select few who belong to the "I'll pretend to believe the things about logic and brain development that are used to justify me learning Latin because I won't admit I am forced to study something pointless". Come to think of it I rarely found anyone who genuinely enjoys it and is not studying languages, but this may be because most of my friends are or were your typical 'liceale'.
  4. Styx
    2013-06-03 18:57
    Haha not at all! What you wrote is very interesting and I haven't ignored it. I've just been finding it hard to find the time to think seriously and reply, especially since i'm not so literate on the matter! Fear not Streg, as soon as i get home (i'm in the laboratory atm) ill give it some thought. Just because ive posted but not replied to your message doesnt mean i havent acknowledged it!
  5. Styx
    2013-06-01 16:53
    Haha! I bet that distracted you from revision! By the way, I'm always curious about what people think about the Italian education system teaching Latin and Greek. I mean, Greek is a dead language, nobody speaks Latin... Friends of mine always complain about how useless it is, and the time could be dedicated to other things. Parents usually say learning Latin "opens your mind and helps you think logically" or something like that... I'm hesitant what to think. Your opinion?
  6. SpaceGuitarist
    2013-06-01 05:33
    Streg? O_o oh well, the times are changing...
  7. Zee
    2013-05-31 00:29
    Streg! I like it.
  8. Styx
    2013-05-28 02:33
    And so it's official. Tbh the idea as benitez as manager has grown on me, now I think it's a great progression! He'll bring more international attention to naples
  9. Styx
    2013-05-25 01:52
    Hahahaha that is hilarious he is talking so much shit!

    Cmon you have to admit you either love or hate is way of being. Personally I find him very funny, but he does have some facepalm moments that are quite worthy of note!
  10. Styx
    2013-05-25 01:25
    I didn't read those contradicting statements, where did you get them from?

    And lol at that video, he speacks like someone who has just had a good time and is happy of where he is. I think it's nice to see a person in his position act like one of the people, I guess it shows humanity. It wasn't a professional interview, I think he can afford to chill like that.

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