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Or Emi (was StreGGy)

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  1. Double-J
    2013-03-27 16:01
    I guess I broke the MBN yesterday.
  2. Double-J
    2013-03-11 21:23
    Someone needs to post nudes or something. Seriously. I think a lot of people are burned out over the Kasia/Rex fallout. But damn. Yes, let's get random, my friend!
  3. Polaris
    2013-02-24 10:59
    I love crackers !

    Maybe you have some cheese to go with it ?
  4. Double-J
    2013-02-16 14:24
    Many thanks! I've been trying to think of stuff that would get people taking without destroying each other, haha. I don't actually remember seeing Papillon but I really like Dustin Hoffman, so I will add it to my queue. I am not the biggest Steve McQueen fan but I'm looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Kitarii
    2013-02-13 22:20
    Hello amigo!
  6. Carajo
    2013-02-07 23:53
    I used to watch Speedy Gonzalez, though it's a Mexican cartoon and I'm from Chile. But anyway, made me laugh
  7. Double-J
    2013-01-25 16:48
    Hahaha well don't get me wrong, after playing it through a few more times, my opinion on it has softened a bit. I still don't like the idea of a Zelda game where more than half the time you're playing as a wolf. If I wanted to play Okami (which is an awesome game) I would go play that.

    Ironically, my favorite Zelda of them all is Wind Waker, which is kind of the red-headed stepchild of the Zelda series (perhaps next to Link's Awakening, because of it's departure/dream like nature). I loved the cel shading, which took me back to the old NES days in a lot of ways. The atmosphere was great too, and it didn't take itself too seriously. I think that's the problem I had with Skyward Sword. I really liked Skyward Sword (although I'm sure Darkflame will grumble about my complaints about the motion controls being tacked on/annoying). The backstory of Hyrule/Zelda universe was neat. But unlike Wind Waker, I didn't feel like the Skyward Sword universe was 'alive' if that makes sense.
  8. Double-J
    2013-01-25 15:20
    I honestly think it was a case of 'peer pressure,' in that there was so much buildup for the movie, the first two were awesome, and so they kind of had to say to themselves, "We liked it...it was 3 hours so it had to be great." Reminds me of when Gamespot gave Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess an 8 or 7.0 score and the internet exploded. That game didn't deserve a great score but because it was Nintendo and Zelda, people freaked the fuck out that someone didn't gargle Ninty's testicles. I think it's a similar situation here. Because DKR is a mess in terms of plot, editing, and in staying faithful (or lack thereof) to the source material.
  9. Double-J
    2013-01-25 14:33
    As far as comparing Bane to Joker, even if we ignore their respective actors portrayals, the way they were used in the Nolan trilogy has to be considered suspect when we take them as a whole. Joker is essentially useless - he'd have been wiped out by this ubiquitous League of Shadows - making the 2nd movie irrelevant. Bane and Ra's could have torn up Gotham in the first movie. Why is Scarecrow a wasted character? After two movies where Nolan tried to give us a more realistic Batman, the third just throws it out the window and it like "fuck y'all haters" and we get Batwings, about 1,000 Batmobiles, a nuclear bomb underneath the city, a football field erased from existence...ugh. FACEPALM
  10. Double-J
    2013-01-25 14:32
    It's beyond me why they a.) had to keep the Ra's Al Ghul storyline going beyond the first movie and b.) why the had to make a character like Bane, who is supposed to be both a criminal mastermind and an equal/superior fighter to Batman, some kind of stupid pawn in a larger (and less believable) plot. I would've been totally cool if they ran with the Knightfall storyline and had Bane as a superbad criminal genius who wants to take over Gotham. Cool story bro. They could've had all of that without the convoluted plot about a nuclear bomb, the Batwing apparently able to fly faster than light to get it beyond fallout range, and the completely botched time progression of that movie. Seriously, if I remember correctly, isn't like 50+ days supposed to pass between when Bruce is in prison and he returns as Batman to stop the bomb after Bane has taken over? That made virtually no sense to me. Ugh. Just thinking about this movie makes me angry.

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