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  1. marcosmapf
    2014-04-21 13:28
    I see, that's cool
    Those things are interesting for me, since I almost chose that to study in my university, but I still have very little knowledge about 'em

    Btw, I've found something in the game, but I'm not sure if its a bug or not. If you kill an enemy in any part of the game, and that said enemy drops a key, whenever you throw your magic ball in the same map, doesn't matter where in it you are, the magic ball "magnetic properties" will make it follow the key and grab it, even going throw walls to do so. I've taken some prints just in case, but as I'm not sure if its a bug or not, I rather check it before with you
  2. marcosmapf
    2014-04-21 12:40
    Hey, I was going to add a few more glitches that I found on my second run to through the game on the thread, and I was wondering, how did you manage to add the images to the right side of the post, instead of the middle of it? Also, I'm going to post the text alone, and update the image later, as I am not home.

    Edit: Forget it, found out how you've done it
  3. marcosmapf
    2014-04-09 22:53
    Just found out my cellphone has a built-in screenshot feature, so no worries about that
  4. marcosmapf
    2014-04-09 22:21
    I think its an interesting idea to create two separate threads - One for discussion, and one for detailing the bugs, with as much as information as possible (such as how to recreate it, which conditions trigger it, etc.)

    I'm getting some free time next week due to easter holiday, so I might re-play the game (I'm currently finishing the himilayi mountains) just to search for those bugs. I also need to install an screenshot app so I can post the pictures here.

    When you told me "You enable the thread so I can do it myself", you meant that I can now merge the posts from other threads to that thread? But don't you have to be an admin to do so? (I don't want to re-post the bugs under my name, as I'm not the one who found them... it would be unfair to do so)
  5. marcosmapf
    2014-04-09 02:08
    Yea, I can post in the Twinsunica thread (and the sub-forum aswell) without permission, so don't worry about that. Could you merge the posts that are describing bugs to that thread? It would feel much more organized if everything was at only one place. Also, if possible, we could use an announcement on the front page of the forums telling people to only post bugs on that thread, as the link to the thread is kinda hidden in one of the random threads of the forums.
  6. Twinsan
    2013-07-30 18:54
    I wish to speak with you in private, if you'd be so kind to come onto lba for greater convince of speaking than via pm on the mbn.
  7. Twinsan
    2013-07-29 23:17
    i was thinking it was best to put the past behind us. This whole, zee and sgk bussiness is just a load of crap and I am sorry for what I have done.
  8. Polaris
    2013-06-06 00:40
    Well I read every single thread made since I was away, and responded to most of them, didn't want to flood you, sorry
  9. Streg
    2013-04-02 19:56
    lol maybe it's just that I don't see many people taller than me even if I'm just 1.75m tall...
  10. Streg
    2013-04-01 00:21
    stop writing about your height at random. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

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