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  1. Streg
    2012-01-15 03:08
    I used to write a lot back to some months ago. Me and a friend of mine even made a book and sent it to several publishing houses, but still no luck. I'm in that part of the year I call "fantasy stop" in which I can't come up with anything at all... I still might translate the beginning of another book I was writing tho... wait for it in the next days, I'll let you know
  2. RGaspar
    2012-01-04 19:18
    In case you didn't know, they are making a remake of LBA1 as we speak

    Happy new year!!!
  3. RGaspar
    2011-09-17 22:50
    Hey there!

    At first I thought "WTH is this guy talking about?" then I got it was about my birthday, lol. I forgot I've posted the date here. I'm 24 at the moment, what about you?

    Btw...RGaspar is a nickname :P It has nothing to do with the real thing.
  4. morshem
    2011-09-03 11:40
    In Israel the word "student" usually refers to a university student, while for a school student we use a Hebrew word. So yeah, I'm in uni now .
  5. ChaosFish
    2011-08-31 23:05
    no, I stay away from that thread. no offense.
  6. RGaspar
    2011-08-25 04:24
    Part 1

    Hola! :P

    It's been a while!

    LOL, when I made that title I wasn't expecting THE guy to come up and ask for feedback. This place was almost dying a few months ago.

    Anyway, regarding the translation, I just hope it doesn't have many mistakes I did my best, but even then I'm not a pro. (Currently downloading the newest BoXon demo to try it out with the real game and find mistakes).

    And well, since english was already done, my only chance to contribute was spanish (Since it's my native language). I didn't know you speak Spanish too - All I knew was that you were brazilian, and I'm Argentine, but yeah, I don't know any portuguese, so I expected you to be the same when it comes to spanish :P
  7. RGaspar
    2011-08-25 04:23
    Part 2

    "Ratón" is the official spanish replacement for "Mouse". In fact in my country at least, we use the word "Mouse", but I wanted to go with an ALL-spanish-words approach since I was trying to do a spanish version for all the spardian countries out there.

    "Tapping". Couldn't find a direct word for that as well, so I improvised a bit one can't be literal all the time with these things. As long as you don't miss the sense of the phrase it's fine, I think.

    Ok, I've talked a lot already. I'll stop.

    Sorry, I got too excited.
  8. ChaosFish
    2011-07-04 18:09
    And Blissful too. Apparently someone hacked Assassin's computer or something and used his password to get into the LBA fans fan site and only touched Boo's and Blissful's directories.
  9. ChaosFish
    2011-07-04 17:52
    Ok, I found out the real reason it was gone. Believe it or not... some time ago someone hacked into my site, but was kind enough to just leave a message warning me about the security problem and leave everything in tact except for some PHP files he planted in some directories. Boo was one of these directories, and either I or the hacked (don't remember) moved it someplace else after he was done with it. Anyway, I moved it back there. http://lba.fishos.cc/fans/boo/

  10. ChaosFish
    2011-07-04 17:38
    I'm in fact not kidding.

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