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Gustav Sweden 2000-12-09 14:46

Exactly what is LBA-DM going to be? And can anyone be a member of the team?

Simon 2000-12-09 16:28

check their page, there you also can see all members and I think you can join if they need you

ChaosFish 2000-12-09 17:17

There is no reason you wouldn't be a member... the more the better!

Gustav Sweden 2000-12-10 18:45

OK What kind of work can I do? (I-do Ido :)

ChaosFish 2000-12-10 19:05

I do = Ido?

...oh! I get it! It's a joke! :p

But I don't know, ask WebSeed. :)

Gustav Sweden 2000-12-13 12:33

Webseed? He hasn't been gere for abput a week.. Not V2 either.. Anyone who know where they are??

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