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RosaMarietheCow 2008-07-19 03:23

I need help
Im editing a page on the Encyclopedia Twinsunica, and i have a few questions:

When i'm editing this:

.....and I get to the race part. It doesn't come up when I
type in rabbibunny. Instead when I save the page,
in the box that displays all that info it just says

Race: {{race}}

instead of

Race: Rabbibunny

and another question: How do I add a character to a page like "Citidel Island Inhabitants"

and my other question:

Can I change my username on the E.T?

Kobold 2008-07-19 13:42

The problem was further above, you had a "|right" at the image part which shouldn't be there.

"Citadel Island inhabitants" is a category. You add a person to it by putting [[Category: Citadel Island inhabitants]] on the person's own page.

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