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Liamlightspeed 2002-06-07 08:10

Safari Land
This is my second chain thread.

It is set after LBA 3.

Here is the start:

Twinsen stepped down from the boat he was travelling to Desert Island with. He ran through the town and then knocked on a door.
"Who is it?" shouted a voice "Twinsen!" Twinsen replied. The door opened and there stood Baladino, Twinsen's pal. "Hey Twinsen! Ready to go on this adventure to Safari Planet." he aked. "Yep! I'm ready!" replied Twinsen.
They went over to Baladino's ship and blasted off.
After 10 minutes they had zoomed in and landed on Safari Planet.
Suddenly there was a huge roar. A monster wanted to attack them. Luckily Twinsen had his magic ball. He summoned it. But then noticed the guns in the monsters arms...

What happens next? That's up to you!

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-06-10 00:03

Twinsen who had his Magic ball in his hand dropped it, puted it in his Tunic and then asked baldino what to do.Baldino with his big knowledge within those Creatures said those Creatures are the Race of this planet dont u understand that Twinsen! You cant just Use your wepon as quickly as u see a Creatures uve killed too many Zeelichians in your last journey shouldnt we had stayed home...

Liamlightspeed 2002-06-10 06:56

Heyyyyyyyy, it was you who asked me to come here! shouted Twinsen. The monster looked at them in amazement and slouched off. Eventually Twinsen and Baladino stopped biccering. Time to explore said Baladino...

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-06-10 10:20

The Island they were on it was so so big they couldnt find where to go so they went to the Information for help. The Strange Guys come out from a window and sounded like this x:4Ʀ+¿¤ªò1ö)/( Ð +ݦA

Hey hey Baldino said better use your Translator.
Twinsen said hehe ok and now they could understand what he said he said what can i help u with your big peanut..... Twinsen who had been......

Liamlightspeed 2002-06-11 07:20

playing with an inflatible peanut baloon, jumped up with surprise and the baloon burst. B****R! shouted Twinsen...

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-06-11 21:03

After exactly 1 minit The monster Jumped on Twinsen and beatem up ( no hehe) i mean Then Twinsen took a Nail and Scred the mf Ballon up uhuhu...

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