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XXStranger 2017-08-25 22:26

How many Shamrock Boxes did you get on LBP2?
I got 10. But the tenth box of clovers I got I got when I re-entered the Gem Mine where the crane, which reappears even if you caught it earlier.

I do not know if this is a bug or a glitch or if the programmers decided that this was how to get the tenth box of clovers.

And how many Shamrock Boxes did you get?. Did you last get it back to catch with the crane of the Gem Mine or is there another box of clover hidden somewhere?.

And in LBA1?. I in that I think I got only 5. I do not know if there is more.

MevX 2017-08-25 22:42

Lbp? |)

XXStranger 2017-08-26 02:38

Oops, I always confuse them. And more people in Spain, too.

It's that Little Big Adventure looks a lot like Little Big Planet in the title.

I was referring to the Little Big Adventure 2 course |).

How do I edit the title of the post?

MevX 2017-08-26 04:40

People confusing LBA with LBP is like a joke at this point. Reminds me of that guy who thought Little Big Adventure was a ripping off LBP. :lol:

I think only an admin can edit the title of your post.

XXStranger 2017-09-02 21:01

No one knows what was the maximum number of clover Boxes he has achieved in LBA2 ?.

I would like to know if the tenth and last trévol box that I took was for a bug and there is another one waiting for me in another place or if in fact the developers made that the Box of clover that you obtain in the Mine with the crane can be taken 2 times if You've gone to another island and you're back.

xesf 2017-09-02 23:13

The maximum is 10.

XXStranger 2017-09-03 15:43

Thanks for the reply. Enotnces yes I got them all.

The last one took a long time to find because I had not tried to pick it up again in the Mine with the crane when you return there on one of your trips since it appears again in the same place.

You could say that I have the game completed 100%, hehe.

Kroll 2017-09-05 14:27

I also remember this post with the list of places where you can find the boxes.

XXStranger 2017-09-06 18:53

Oh, in total there are 11 Boxes according to that post alone that after taking the tenth box the eleven does not count as one more. They say there that the Box that you can take 2 times in the Mine is a Bug / Glitch.

Then I'm missing 2 boxes. The Islet CX and one more.

But as a leftover and the other you can catch porn the Glitch of the Mine I got the maximum of 10 Boxes that lets you catch the game.

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