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duarf 2004-06-28 19:57

what kind of music do you listen (genre)????
the title is quite obvious

Purple Sheep 2004-06-28 21:17

Where's the "other" option? And what about jazz?

I ticked rock anyway.

hobmoblin 2004-06-28 21:30

Rock, Punk, ska, game music, metal

A_LIPSTICK 2004-06-28 21:55

Anything good.

morshem 2004-06-28 21:57


StarmanDX 2004-06-28 22:00

I voted for all but Ragga-Ragga and R&B. o_0

Rex_Hollywood 2004-06-28 23:46

Metal, rock, techno, game music, LBA theme (?), classical.

Bushmeister 2004-06-28 23:48


Originally Posted by Elliptic
Anything good.

Same here.

Follis 2004-06-29 00:02

Metal- QR, BABY!!!

Rex_Hollywood 2004-06-29 00:43


Originally Posted by Follis
Metal- QR, BABY!!!

Don't you listen to any other metal band except Quiet Riot?

nights000 2004-06-29 00:50

most rock variants not much metal though classic rock mostly
3 Doors Down and Counting crows are good

Snapman 2004-06-29 00:50

The main two genres I listen to are Indie and Post-Rock.

Neither of which are on that list.

Gustav Sweden 2004-06-29 01:23

Nationalsocialistic Black Metal

Gustav Sweden 2004-06-29 01:27

Of those you made clickable:
Rock, Folk, Hiphop, Metal and Home made.

johnnybrubacker 2004-06-29 02:13

hi i like listening to hip hop ragga rnb classical and some rock also some game music

Vultures 2004-06-29 02:13

It's not hip hop that you should put but Rap.
I voted hip hop, because it's my favourite style, otherwise I like all music.

Follis 2004-06-29 04:15


Originally Posted by FireBall2K
Don't you listen to any other metal band except Quiet Riot?

Once I finish my QR collection (One to go!), I'm going to get some Queen and Twisted Sister albums. I also enjoy Cream and Slade.

Illumina 2004-06-29 09:30

If you only added "other music", I'd choose for ballad.

Reek 2004-06-29 09:39

LBA theme is a genre?

Anyway, I listen to anything good.

I hear a song, I like it, I download it.
But game music and movie OSTs are my favourites.

Oh, and lately i've started liking rap, and I really have to say to all those people who think "rap is shite" (stop saying shite btw, wtf is up with that word?) or "rap isn't music" you're just wrong. and ignorant.

bunnyrabbot02 2004-06-29 10:36

Nearly all the genres. :ticket:

nights000 2004-06-29 15:01

rap isnt shite its just not to everyones taste
and wtf i like the word shite

Rex_Hollywood 2004-06-29 15:05


Originally Posted by Anakin
(stop saying shite btw, wtf is up with that word?)

Same for "arse".

V2 2004-06-29 15:07

well the obvious (metal) :p (I hate maiden and all the power metal crap :throw-up: )

and i also clicked on hardcore, I haven't got any cd's of this kind though, but I always enjoy listening to hardcore bands on the radio.

Actually I have a very open minded taste in music, I practically listen to evrything that happens to appeal my taste. But I only voted for my favourite's so...
I would have probably clicked on Dance and House music if there was an option (what the heck is "ska"???? )

Metal is on the lead along with rock,
Go Go Metalheads!! :D

Double-J 2004-06-29 17:37

Classic Rock (Beatles, Stones) and Metal (Sabbath).

Follis 2004-06-29 19:08


Originally Posted by V2
(I hate maiden and all the power metal crap :throw-up:

Are you kidding? Iron Maiden is great. "You'll die as you'll live in a Flash of The Blade!!"

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