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Darkflame 2007-02-07 13:49

Concept Art Chief Assigned
I am pleased to announce DarkLoki has been assigned concept art chief!

Henceforth he is in charge of all aspexs relating to concept art controll.
Gathering, organising, assigning tasks and filling gaps.

Anyone doing concept art, or who has already done concept art they feel is usefull, should pass them onto him.
DarkLoki has already made a very nice little system here;

Anyone that needs concept art for their piece of work and cant find it here should contact DarkLoki. You can also contact me and I'll add a task onto FP's system. (

Concept art is essiential for modelers to help create lively charecters, or atmospheric enviroments.
I hope all MBN's arty folk step upto the challanges and help supply all the needed artwork :)



DarkLoki 2007-03-04 15:19

Let me give an update, as i do not have the space nor time to add all the work that has already been made and posted on the official site i wil only add the pictures that are relevent at the moment. And at the moment this seems to be the characters. I have added some pictures of twinsen but it seems that drawings of the complete twinsen are rare so finding/ making on is high on the list. I will add pictures for all the races to the site soon.

If you have something for the repository feel free to mail it to [email address]

Darkflame 2007-03-04 14:38

Yes, absolutely.
Add stuff as they are needed.

btw, DarkLoki, have no fear of writting email address, we have hitechness on this forum, see;

[email address]


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