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wacko 2002-07-01 15:38

Submissions for the Encyclopedia Twinsunica
General info

Website is at
Images directory (currently empty) at

You can now make submissions for the Encyclopedia Twinsunica!

How it works

- First you look up if the item you'd like to write about already exists, or has been taken. If the item doesn't exists at all, please reply in the thread about tree structure addons/changes.
- Then you reply here with the name of the item you're going to write about to prevent someone else doing the same.
- Copy & paste the template layout in your favorite text editor.
- Write the article.
- Then reply here again with your complete submission.

Tags you may use

The standard tags per article are [official], [fan], [role], [related] and [authors]. Those are the names of the subtitles an article should normally exist of. If you think one of those doesn't fits for this article, simply don't use it. :)

If you'd like to make an extra subheader in the same style as those main categories, use [head]Title[/head].

Furthermore you can use [ b ] (handy for small subheaders), [ i ] and [ u ] for respectively bold, italic and underlined text. [ url ]link[ /url ] or [ url=link ]description[ /url ] makes a hyperlink. And [ quote ]text[ /quote] is handy if you want to quote someone.

Template submission

(do not copy the // BEGIN and // END along.... :p)

All fields are optional, if you feel a field isn't appropiate for an article, don't use the tag.



Put the name here (preferably, put that as the post's title, and not in the post itself)


In the case of an island/character/weapon/generic enemy, you can put statistics here.
For more information, see below.


Here you can put quotes and official descriptions found in the game about the item. The Twinsunica's Quoutes Database will be useful for that.


Here goes your extended description, being as detailed as possible. Do not go too much into details about something if it also exists underneath this item in the tree structure, ofcourse.


If you'd like, you can put some of your own or others theories about the item here, which are not based on confirmed facts.


Write here what this item had to do with Twinsen's adventures.


Here you can put some trivia on the item, things you might have never known about it.


You can put a list of related articles here by making hyperlinks to other articles. It should be about the 5 most related articles.
This should go in the format of [ url=link ]Item name[/ url]


You can place links to related MBN forum threads here.
Note: this is really optional, as most items already contain a list of related threads.


Put your nickname here. If someone later on adds/changes something, his name will also be here.


Extended info on the [stats] section.

Inhabitants: [number/a few/a lot]
Size: [small/medium/large]
Type: [green/desert/ice/rock/lava/other]
Transportation: [how & where to]

(Examples: | green: Citadel Island | desert: Desert Island | ice: Hamalayi Mountains | rock: Otringal | lava: Wannies' island | other: Emerald Moon Base)
Size: [short/medium/long]
Race: [quetch/grobo/rabbibunny/sphero/sup/mosquibee/wannie/franco/other]
Gender: [male/female/unknown]
Age range: [kid/adult]
Effective against: [yellow/green/red/all] enemies
"Firing" rate: [slow/medium/fast]
Damage per hit: [little/medium/lots]
Range: [melee/short/medium/long]
Generic enemies:
Strength range: [yellow/green/red/white]
On hit: [doesn't] moves [backwards/sidewards]
Recovery time: [slow/medium/fast]
"Firing" rate: [slow/medium/fast]
Damage per hit: [little/medium/lots]
Weapon range: [melee/short/medium/long]
Move speed: [slow/medium/fast]
Images and icons

Standard for each item is a 200x200 pixels icon. This should be a quick snapshot of the whole item. If you want to make it yourself, just attach it to your article submission. Otherwise someone else can make it.

Other images can't be added for now, once that's working I'll open a new thread for that. They will also need titles and descriptions. But focus on the articles for now.

Comments and spelling/grammar checking

If someone has put a submission here you can post comments on it here as well. You can correct mistakes and wrong spelling/grammar.
Another option is to contact one of the members with admin access to the site (see this page for more information), and notify them on anything that has to be changed anr/or added.


Handy links:

Note: I've added quotes of some of the characters, this can be handy to use.

Thanks a lot in advance. This project can't exist without you writing, so it's depending on you :)
I'm looking forward to add your articles.

Atresica 2002-07-01 16:07

Alllllllrrrrrrighty, let's get it on!

G.A. Zogem 2002-07-01 16:10

I've done an article on GazoGem.

G.A. Zogem 2002-07-01 16:43



Jerome Baldino:

Twinsen, I damaged the vessel during landing. I need some time for repairs. The Zeelichian fuel is called gazogem, it's very powerful. You should go get some.

It's called gazogem because it is made of gems, in French "gaz au gemmes" hence gazogem.

GazoGem is refined by the Francos. It is produced using the gems mined by the Wannies in the Undergas. It is sold in the Otringal gas station, and delivered to the other Zeelichian islands by tankers.


After leaving Emerald Moon, Baldino and Twinsen crashed on Otringal. Jerome needed GazoGem to fix the spaceship, and improve Twinsen's protopack. Twinsen had to go up to the Otringal gas station, but there was no more gazogem. The salesman told him that a tanker was supposed to arrive from the Island of the Francos. Twinsen had to go there, and find the gazogem in the refinery...


Gazogem refinery


G.A. Zogem

(edited by wacko for the right format)

Double-J 2002-07-01 16:49

okay...I call Emeral Moon since I...well....know it?

G.A. Zogem 2002-07-01 16:59

thanks wacko ;), if i write more articles i'll do that.

wacko 2002-07-01 17:04
The very first real article. :) (as you can see I edited it some more)

Double-J 2002-07-01 17:14

Emerald Moon Base

Available in: LBA 2 only


Jerome Baldino:

“The Esmers have constructed a hidden base here on Emerald Moon, where they house a force (?) capable of destroying Twinsun!”

(Anybody know the quote?)

The Emerald Moon Base is actually a moon (duh!) that orbits Twinsun. The Esmers have placed a hidden base on the dark side of the moon in an effort to conceal its true motives. Unless inside the compound, all life on the planet must be wearing specially designed space suits which provide the vital gases for life. Other notable parts of the complex include a prison and a landing pad.


In reality, the Emerald Moon is being used as a “Death Star” of sorts. It contains a gigantic laser, powered by a reactor on Island CX. The prison was used to house dissidents as well as threats to the security of Dark Monk’s covenant. In fact, the Moon Base was used primarily as a secret military location of which the most dastardly of plots would unfold: the destruction of the planet Twinsun, in an effort to extract the energy of Sendell, the goddess who watched over Twinsun, encased deep inside the planet in the “Well of Sendell.”


Twinsen had to travel to the moon in order to rescue his friend, Jerome Baldino, who had himself built a spaceship and jaunted to the moon in an effort to stop the Esmers from destroying Twinsun. Twinsun managed to rescue Baldino. Just as well, Twinsun also saved a dissident from the Zeelichian government who told him of a hidden island called “CX”, and of the reactor that powered the energy that was designed to destroy Twinsun by hurling the moon towards the planet. Also, Twinsen acquired a new sword, of which he used to defeat Funfrock again.



Double-J, c/o Double-J Productions 2002. All rights reserved. ®

Images and icons

no icon.....

G.A. Zogem 2002-07-01 17:36

I will do Ghazkhul le Grand sooner or later

StarmanDX 2002-07-01 17:40

I wanna do the bottle of Gallic Acid!

wacko 2002-07-01 17:43

I updated Emerald Moon base. Since Double-J's submission had lots of untrue or unconfirmed facts I came up with most of the descriptions myself.

To make a few general remarks:

The "Related to" header should contain only real related items. Ofcourse in the end everything is related with Twinsen and everything in the database, but it should be a list of 2~5 items which are directly related. And use [ url=link ]text[ /url ] to give the links a description as well.

As you can see, the official descriptions are always quotes from the games or copy & pasted pieces of text from official websites.

While your own description is called "fan-based" it should be based on true facts, not to be fantasised yourself. :)

This isn't meant to scare you of, ofcourse :).

StarmanDX 2002-07-01 18:09



A type of acid used to restore ancient documents.
Can be found in either Ker'aooc the Healer's house (Given to Twinsen for free, by Ker'aooc's housekeeper) or in the shop in Port-Ludo.
Both of these places are on the Island of the White Leaf Desert.


Twinsen gives this item to his elderly neighbour on Citadel Island.
The neighbour uses it to restore an old map of the Citadel Island sewer system, which reveals that the pyramid-shaped key can be used to open the secret door to a room in which the wizard Bersimon concealed the lightning spell in an icy case.


-Island of the White Leaf Desert
-Citadel Island
-Pyramid-shaped key
-Lightning spell



(Note: can you add some game quotes please wacko? :))

Edit: oh yeah, and however much the thing costs in the shop- I think it's 50 kashes.)

G.A. Zogem 2002-07-01 18:10

yeh gr8 m8

StarmanDX 2002-07-01 18:12

Hey wacko, you could have a "Theories" part...

wacko 2002-07-01 18:59


NEW: you can use the [theories] section to put in any theories based on unconfirmed facts.

I'm now working on Twinsun.

....aaaand done.

Now I'm starting on Northern/Southern Hemisphere and the Hamalayi Mountains.

In the meanwhile I did Sendell's Legend. And while I was at it, I did Dark Monk's too. :)

Also done: Zeelich and Emerald Moon.

Remember you can always ask for an edit, or add things to an article. The current contents can always be updated, so an article can very well have several authors.

G.A. Zogem 2002-07-02 14:17

Ghazkhul Le Grand


Ghazkhul le Grand is an Orc, a Mercenary sent by Dark Monk (alias Dr. FunFrock) to kill Twinsen before he can get to Island CX. He guards the Queen of the Mosquibee's throne, which is the entrance to Island CX.


He tried to stop Twinsen from getting to Island CX.


Ghazkhul le Grand is an Orc, a Mercenary sent by Dark Monk (alias Dr. FunFrock) to kill Twinsen before he can get to Island CX. He guards the Queen of the Mosquibee's throne, which is the entrance to Island CX.


Dark Monk
Island CX
The Island of the Mosquibees
Queen Astrid


wacko 2002-07-02 14:25

Added, thanks :)

As you can see, the Contents list is generated dynamicly by checking if the [header tags] are there.

wacko 2002-07-03 14:03

Update: your favorite (and only!) LBA encyclopedia now comes with a [stats] and [trivia] subheader. Behave!! :)

Morden279 2002-07-05 14:30

I'd love to post some stuff on the Military side of things, such as weaponry, uniforms, and equipment from both the games.

Some of you guys may have seen some of my sketches, I'd be more than pleased to draw some more for posting in the encyclopedia along with the in-game models. (As well as writing backgrounds to them.) :)


Gustav Sweden 2002-07-06 00:24


I love your new style! :)

morshem 2002-07-06 08:05

Ferryman’s Song



”Ferryman if you please,
Take me across the raging seas,
For a few gems, I take your boat,
I cannot swim, I cannot float!!”

If you sing it at the end of the ferryman's wharf, you will see him emerge from the mist and come to offer to take you to another island.”

”The gems are commonly used by the Francos to produce gazogem. But you can use it to pay for the ferryman's services.”

”For that, you'll have to call on the ferryman's services. He provides the only communication between the islands and the under-gas. Go see my housemaid. She shall tell you how to proceed.”

”I asked Mr. Monk how to get to the Mosquibees, and he told me to ask you about the ferryman.”

”Of course, it's fairly simple. You have to pay him in gems if you want him to take you. But first you have to call him. To do that, you have to stand at the end of the ferryman's pier and call him with this song. Listen to me and don't forget.”

”Whoever wants to cross the ocean of fire must pay the price. Four gems is the fare. Where do you want to go?”

The Ferryman’s Song is a song needed in order to call The Ferryman in Zeelich’s undergas. The ferryman is the only way to go from island to island in Zeelich’s three undergas islands (Wannies, Mosquibees and Volcano).


Twinsen must get to Island CX and destroy the lunar reactors that control Emerald Moon before Twinsun explodes. But since the only possible way to get to Island CX is through the Mosquibees Island, Twinsen must reach the Mosquibees queen and ask her to open up the door that leads to Island CX. So, Twinsen goes to the Island of the Wannies, where he asks the housemaid of Dark Monk’s Emperor how to get to the Mosquibees. The housemaid tells him that he needs to call the ferryman, and teaches him the Ferryman’s Song. Twinsen then goes to the Ferryman’s Wharf, and sings the song to call the Ferryman.


Mosquibees Island
Wannies Island
Island below the Island of the Celebration




morshem 2002-07-06 08:34




The gems are commonly used by the Francos to produce gazogem. But you can use it to pay for the ferryman's services.

Gems can be found in the Gems Mine in the Wannies Island. The Wannies mine them, and the Francos extract them into the Zeelichian fuel called gazogem.


Twinsen must go to Mosquibees Island in order to get to Island CX. His only way to do this is by calling the ferryman, who is the only link between the islands of the undergas. The ferryman is charging four gems each time he takes someone.


Gems Mine
Gazogem Refinery




morshem 2002-07-06 08:47

Magic Slate



By using the Action command in front of a plan, a print or any other illustration, you immediately create a copy with the Magic Slate. You can consult it at any time by selecting the Slate in the inventory.

Twinsen get the Magic Slate from the Mentor of the School of Magic, after completing the Dome of the Slate test. With this Slate, Twinsen is able to store any kind of image he’s looking at.


The Slate comes in handy especially for storing maps. Twinsen can then look at the Slate, and check out maps that he needs. Examples of maps stored with the Slate: Dome of the Slate, Sewers, Emerald Moon base.


Island of the Dome of the Slate
Mentor of the School of Magic
School of Magic



morshem 2002-07-06 09:01

Car Part



After a few adjustmenta and once Zoé fits the part, the car will be ready to go.

The car part is a part in Twinsen's car, that Zoי needs in order to fix the car.


In order to complete the School of Magic's Garden Balsam test, Twinsen must have a car. However, his car is broken. He asks Baldino for the car part needed in order to fix the car. Baldino gives it to Twinsen, who gives it to Zoי. Zoי fixes the car, and then Twinsen can do the Garden Balsam test.


Garden Balsam Flower
Jerome Baldino
School of Magic



wacko 2002-07-06 14:25

Thanks morshem! Everything has been updated:

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