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Unregistered 2005-09-18 19:27

Twinsen problemaitc with ATHLON processors
I found other BUG, that i think you can easy solve, because someone already has the source or part of it(the game)
I will relat it for you, and if you can help-me, thanks.
I have one Athlon processor, and the twisnen recognize my processor like Pentiun 2 processor or pentiun PRO.
So, the game run fine, but when i go to underground city in twinsen game, or in the wizard house(in the top of moutain), the game crashe with one ilegal access to memory(everytime the same place in memory). I think, that is probably because the game are using some instruncions that are not avaliable in ATHLON arquiteture, just in Pentiun 2(some old games require intel). I like of try play the game FORCING it to recognize the processor like one single PENTIUN or 486 maybe. I am usign windows 2000SP4, and with path of twisnen.
Is important to informat that the game craches with the original version of twinsen too(without the GEFORCE PATCH), in the same place(with image bad).
I try use too the sound emulator, but the game continue to crashes.I try use dosBOx, but the game become VERY SLOW!
My memorys are perfect.
There, the adeline.log file.
Identifying Operating System. Please wait...
Operating System : NT
Version : 5.0 Service Pack 4
Identifying CPU. Please wait...
CPU Manufacturer Identification String: AuthenticAMD (AMD)
Family : 6 (Pentium Pro/Pentium II Class Processor)
Model : 4
Stepping: 2
FPU Instructions supported
CPUID Instruction supported
MMX Instructions supported
Level 1 Data Cache : 64 KB, 2-way(s) set associative, 64 bytes lines.
Level 1 Instruction Cache: 64 KB, 2-way(s) set associative, 64 bytes lines.
Cache allocate on Read
Initialising Sample device. Please wait...
Sample device : DirectSound - Primary Sound Driver
Digital configuration : 16 bit, Stereo, 22050 Hz
Mixer Device found. Used for WAVE volume control.
Initialising Smacker. Please wait...
Digital Sound Driver linked to Smacker.
Initialising SVGA device. Please wait...
Desired resolution: 640*480*8
Best Mode Found : 640*480*8
Frame buffer type : Linear

I think that forcing the game to try use older processor it will work without problem.

Bot13 2005-09-18 19:43

I'm too lazy to read the whole lot, but I have an AMD Athlon 1800+ and it runs fine over here :-/

Zink 2005-09-18 20:29

I also have AMD. The game detects my processor as Intel (identical to yours), and the game is ok. Czeck if you don't have your CD scratched, try to reinstall the game (because terrain/building files are copied to disk during installing, not loaded from the CD).

Jasiek 2005-09-19 01:00

Czeck :D LoL Zink, Polska mowa, piękna mowa ;)
I also have an AMD processor, both LBA1 and 2 run fine, without dosbox. You could try VDMsound - it's a neat program, however I don't know if it works with LBA.

Curry 2005-10-10 18:40

i have the exact same problem, except its at the prison when you first get to the alien planet.

unfortunately i have no idea how to help, otherwise i would have solved the problem :(

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