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Xakep_INC 2003-06-26 15:07

Hardware requirements for the game
These are simple. I am developing the game on a not so good computer. So the game will work well on:

Pentium 2/3 500Mhz
128 MB RAM
A GeForce 2 MX(Probably lower though)

Darkflame 2003-06-26 15:17

thats great :)
Not many people put the effort in to support low specs these days.
(and advantage of using your own engine is you can fine-tune it better :) )

Assassin 2003-06-26 15:43

Please make it work on a Voodoo3 :p.
I'm really sick of it but I'll have to wait untill I have the money to buy a new card.

Xakep_INC 2003-06-26 16:03

Voodo 3 is ok I guess...

Firephoenix 2003-06-26 19:01

Well i dont like too much as well when people drag the game toward the low levels....iif you make a slightly too heavy game, it'll be perfect some times laters, when people will get better components. Whereas if you make cubic characters and 10*10 bitmaps, it wont do it... ;)

Darkflame 2003-06-26 19:05

/me slaps FP around with a certain type of fish

Firephoenix 2003-06-26 19:35

*Smoothness Rules*

Less than 5000 triangles per character, it's a blasphem ! ^^

Xakep_INC 2003-06-26 21:26

I agree with Firephoenix. That is why I use dynamic level of detail and OMG you can chose the level of detail in the options! :P

Firephoenix 2003-06-27 14:18

Kewl kew kewl :cool:

mjh5444 2003-07-11 02:28

:( i have a voodoo 3 i feel your pain

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