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bean432 2007-03-16 01:55

i just joined here an i think this project is an amazing idea i love lba1/2
and i would like to help u if u will let me.
i use 3ds max an i can model/animate i have afterburn fume fx an dreamscape plugins
an i will use my free time to help with this project.

so erm... can i help?

if i can cud someone explain who does what an how this is all working?
i mean wud we send scenes to some1 who is buildin up the movie on video software or just models to some1 or are we building up everything we need first then sorting it out when we got it all. i dont really no how far this project has come has it bin 6 years? r somthing like that so u probably have alot done.

Lightwing 2007-03-19 21:44

Hello, Bean! Thanks for taking interest in our lil project!

It's good to have another modeler/animator on the job.

Right now, RMP is going through a pre-production of sorts. We've currently working on the introduction at the moment and not everything has been finalized. I'll talk to Darkflame (project leader) and see if he can crank up some jobs for ya ~_-

Darkflame 2007-03-19 22:09

Yes, by all means you are very welcome to join! :)

We need all the help we can get at the moment.
As Lightwing says, we are working on an intro to establish the style and get the project going a bit.
Have you got any examples of your work?
Are you better at charecters or landscapes?

As for project status, we havnt done that much in the last years. As we are working in our free time between work, its mostly just concepts, maps, and model archieves that have been established. Not all upto film standards, but many usefull things.

We have to get you a login to the RMP depot site for you too see stuff;
If you use the forums "PM" system and send a message to 'Firephoenix' he will give you login details.

I'm kinda the guy that will be putting the bits of the project together (I use Max myself). FirePhoenix allthough he isnt too active, created and runs the depot.
oh, we also have a new site for concept art;

depending what you end up modeling that could be usefull for you.

bean432 2007-04-10 23:30

Thank you! sorry i havnt been on for awhile i got alot of college stuff 2 do and 3ds seems to be playin up, i hope i can fix the problem and when i have done my college work i'll start workin on some stuff u might want doing :D
thanks again for the great welcome!

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