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leoboe 2009-12-06 21:29

LBANet - Quote Contest
Hey Fellows
As you have hopefully all noticed, LBANet now features all the Twinsunians and clones from the Original LBA1-Game.
There's just one problem:

The Twinsunians were surprised so much about now being online, that they're all have gone crazy and only can speak one boring sentence.

This is where we need you!
Bring all the Twinsunians back to life and out of insanity.
Write dialogs, stories, jokes. Whatever you want, as long as it makes sense with your character.

The one who writes the best dialog for one of the existing Twinsunian NPCs, will get a very special reward so that everyone can see the greatness of him or her.

So here are the rules:
-The quote has to fit the character and the world of LBA(Net) (remember LBANet is pre-LBA1)
-The quote has to be written for ONE character that's available as an NPC on LBANet (so tell us who it is, that you're writing the quote for)
-If you write more than one quote or a long dialoge please set it in [ spoiler ]-tags so it won't unnecesary lenghten this thread.
-Your quote shouldn't end the dialog but let it open for Twinsen to ask questions or end it himself (this doesn't mean you have to be kind to him ;) )
-You can either write just an introduction quote or a whole dialog between Twinsen and the character, it's your choice

So good luck you all and have fun writing history ;)

Darkflame 2009-12-07 11:30

This is an excellent idea.
Having lots of things said by characters really makes a world seem more alive.
How will they be distributed though? completely random? or will each charecter have a set that goes in order (or random)? Or will they all be preset completely?
Anyway a few random ones;


"Hello I'm saling these fine leather jackets..." (obligatory)

"You know, I dont trust the pension schemes anymore. There just isnt enough money to pay for my retirement! There must be all....hundreds...of people these days. Too many people and we all live longer now!Thats why I'm hiding my money in one will ever think of searching there. But don't tell anyone"

On the one hand, he looks a bit like a mad scientist dictator, but on the other hand, he has promised to cut taxs. I'll probably support him in the next election
I'll add more as I think of some.

fanlba 2009-12-07 13:58

Could you more explain the context, or the story in LbaNet ? I know the name : clone war but more informations would be easier to find quotes (I think ^^).

leoboe 2009-12-07 14:32

Ok here's what LBANet is pretty much about:
(notice this is no confirmed information, further information can only clearly be given by Rincevent)
The planet Twinsun has just had it's yearly election and the new man of the Planet is the great "Cancelor Funfrock".
Careful not to frighten anyone, Funfrock has just installed his new "open for everyone"-Teleporting system, though he has advised the people not to use it yet due to some safety-reasons.
Also there is a newly founded police-department, that is led by the councelor and his Policemen-Clones.
Most of them are polite and noone cares about them so much, but still they bring some kind of safety to the Cities that has been terrorized for quite a long time by the cruel Pirates.
All in all the Twinsunians live in harmony, though some are slowly recognizing what's really going on around them.
I hope this helps you understand the Situation. (I know the project-title "LBANet: The Clone War" is a bit misleading but it was just the working title and will most likely be replaced in v1.0)


How will they be distributed though? completely random? or will each charecter have a set that goes in order (or random)? Or will they all be preset completely?
As I said in the first post, you're the ones that can select the NPCs who will get your dialogs. You can just look one out in LBANet write a Quote and tell us who you wrote it for. So for that it would be nice if you could tell us the NPCs you want to have your quotes ;)

by the way: The quotes will most likely be implented in the next release

Darkflame 2009-12-07 15:13

btw, is the horn supposed to be an NCP? :P (under twinsens house, I can trigger a conversation with the horn and the medallion)

Bot13 2009-12-07 18:11


You know, people say I'm, like, paranoid, but everyone is against, me.

I lost my hearing aid, what did you say?
(he keeps saying this)


My brother once tried to use the teleporter out back, but he only came halfway through. He's in our memory.

If every inch of Funfrocks jawline stands for a good deed, I'm sold.

Hey, pssht! We're setting up a secret anti-Funfrock organisation in the sewers called the Magicball Network.

Kobold 2009-12-07 18:59


Originally Posted by Darkflame (Post 391524)
btw, is the horn supposed to be an NCP? :P (under twinsens house, I can trigger a conversation with the horn and the medallion)

You can even talk to craters on Rebellion Island. Currently you can talk to everything that's not static. ;)

Rincevent_123 2009-12-07 19:56

Hi guys,

To clarify a bit the things about the story and the quotes mechanism. Here is how I view it:

- "the clone war" was actually a fun title that I choosed at the beginning just for fun since we only have 1 playable character so we are somehow all "clones" of the real twinsen ;) But as leoboe said this is not fixed and will certainly be changed later.

- the game on its final version will be devided into worlds similar like it is already now. However each world will be unique with a totally separated story, NPCs and dialogs. For example I would like at later stage to build a world being a copy of the original LBA1. But in parallel we could also have a world for LBA2 or any other world telling us a totally different story.

- everybody will be free to create his own world and his own story and add it to the game. For example DarkOnister started to create his own already.

- this contest is taking place in the world "Lbaexpanded" created by Kobold and Leoboe. This world will be different from the original game and Leoboe and Kobold are in charge of the story there.

I didn't totally finalize the dialog system in my head yet but here are my ideas of how the mechanism will look like:

Each NPC will have his own set of introduction sentences. When you talk to him one of these sentences will be randmonly picked up.
Once introduced, the player will have aset of sentences he can ask to the NPC and the NPC will reply accordingly building such a dialog tree.
Some of the tree branches might give you quests. Some might just be for fun purpose or to give the players in-game information.

So now for the contest, you have the choice between:
- simply give an introduction sentence that the NPC will say when the player starts to talk to him.
- build your own dialog tree. It does not need to be complicated, it could just be something as simple as this:

NPC: some introduction sentence
player: how are you?
NPC: well I do not feel well today...
player: Goodbye (quit)

The dialog feature will be part of the next major release of the game. However there might be a small release before that correcting few bugs and improving a bit the usability. So the dialog feature might have to wait until next year to be released. But like this it gives us some time for this contest and to decide of the winner.

So have fun guys with this contest! What I can tell you already is that the winner will get a pretty nice and unique reward ;)

Darkflame 2009-12-07 22:09

A group of NCP's around indoors, preferably around a table or something could be rollplaying;


"You are on a brick floor with a brick cube above you, behind you a pipe,in front of you a mushroom walks towards you..."

"Your in a dark room, you see something scary move behind you. In front of you is a line of pills..."

"Giant blocks are falling from the sky! What do you do!"
(aka, their rollplaying classic videogames)


RosaMarietheCow 2009-12-11 03:51

"Well it was looking straight at me! Yeah I know I wasn't supposed to 'move' but I panicked! What would you do!?"

-This for a rabbibunny on Citidel Island, who could be wearing rags after being 'zapped' by the motion sensor robot thing, which should also be moving around the square zapping things maybe?

"Go away! I've had a rough day as it is! You get to wear your loose comfy tunic but just look at this musty stifling suit!"

-Hairdryer salesman

Juliano 2009-12-12 22:27

clones could say it, in forbidden areas:

Clone: " You shouldn't be here. We are protecting this area from pirates. Wait, are you a pirate? Sir, I asked: ARE YOU A PIRATE??"

You: * "Yes. What are you going to do?" Clone could arrest him then. :P

* "No, I just want to walk a bit." Clone: "Go away!"

Some other ideas:

Trader 1: Hey, hey! What brings you here? Maybe the oil? Maybe the hearts? Maybe even the magic stuff?... What do you want?

Trader 2: You look like you need... lets see... hearts! Life points for the weird guy here!

Trader 3: Don't try to steal my things. If you want something, take it, let the money, and go away!


RosaMarietheCow 2009-12-14 00:11

This for the grobo on top of the Citidel Island pub:
"I stand up here because it gives me a false sense of being tall, which gives me a false feeling of insecurity as I feel threatened by people taller than me. Umm, you were saying?"

leoboe 2009-12-14 16:05

Wow these are great Quotes so far.
To keep you guys Motivated I think I'll have to post a few ones myself;)
The quetch-clone on Principal-island-city facing the poster
"Some guys told me a guy named Dän Braun wrote these for Dr Funfrock. I wonder if there is some hidden message in these lines...
Anyway I think you should leave here mister. This area is going to be closed for safety reasons soon."

The Rabbybunny in the Library next to the water dispenser
"Did you ever read a book in here? I mean who does anyway. I can't even read but these sand-colored bricks calm me down in some way."

So ... you see why I leave this to you? :P
Hope you get a bit of inspriation though ;)

Rincevent_123 2009-12-14 20:46

By the way the quote submiting will end up the 1st of February.
After that we will set up a vote to elect the best one and get the contest winner. Good luck to you all!

Darkflame 2009-12-14 22:20


a)Look behind you! A 3 headed monkey!
b)hmm....whats a monkey?

(guy in cinema from lba1)
We managed to pick up this "Star Wars" film, its on next, but I dought it will be any good

Darkflame 2009-12-28 21:53


I heard some rumours saying Funfrock was trying to contact Aliens. I mean, its ridiculous! Aliens? What next?! Flying dinosaurs? Exploding penguins!? Some people would believe anything.
Besides, our honourable Dr Funfrock would never deceive us like that. He only has our best interests at heart.

I'm trying to invent a hairband that changes colour randomly every few hours. I'm sure their will be great demand!

When I look at the nightsky I feel so small. Like we are tiny creatures on a tiny world at the edge of space. But maybe we arnt tiny? Maybe its everything else is so big! What do you think?

leoboe 2010-02-11 21:39

Hey Guys
As you might have noticed, the 1st of February has already gone by and nothing new from LBANet.
Because we were quite busy in the last few weeks, Rince and I decided to set the end to next friday so you have a week left to show your creativity. Afterwards we'll choose our 5 favourites and will start an open Vote for everyone :)

So hurry up and show us some creativity
and remember that we'll integrate all of your quotes into the next release.

leoboe 2010-02-19 23:30

Finally friday's over and as I said, the competition has to be closed.
I think in about a week we'll have chosen our favourites and start a public vote to choose a winner.

Thanks again for everyone participating! :tup:
We've got great new quotes that'll definitely make the game more lively with the next release. :)

------------------Quote contest closed---------------------------------

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