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Darkflame 2016-06-07 13:49

The E3 2016 thread.
Its almost time again, when publishers who have been holding back game info can release it, and other publishers rush to get info released in time for it.
E3 2016 starts next week, so heres a thread to discus upcoming game announcements etc :)

2015 thread:

Darkflame 2016-06-07 13:52

"Not Rare" has unveiled the first trailer to their "Not Banjo Kazooie" game

Looks pretty sweet for those missing a good classic 3d platformer.

MevX 2016-06-07 14:12

Will we finally get a teaser for Half Life 3? :eek:

Actually at this point it's about as likely as LBA 3, that is not very likely.

Polaris 2016-06-07 17:45

Lol, they don't even write PC at the end of the trailer, just Steam :lol:
Actually this is quite worrying, nothing to be laughing about :?

I do miss 3D platformers, I'd be very happy to see a port of Rayman 3 either for the 3DS or for Android, not the best of the Rayman series but still quite good.
This Yooka-Laylee looks nice but... I dunno, I feel like the artstyle misses something that would truly make it unique/give it atmosphere...

Polaris 2016-06-11 20:43

I love the "Le Monde" titled french newspaper, they have a special category for video game/computer related news, how awesome is that !?
They had an article recently about the E3, stating that with all the livestreams, E3 now lost its place as a "premium" type of event, moreover, editors get more coverage when releasing their products outside of it, the article mentioned... Doom, I think ? That got revealed a few weeks before last year's E3 and ended up getting fairly decent coverage compared to other E3 titles.
So the E3 (will) have to change, maybe to become not an event of a few days somewhere, but a longer period of time over the internet.

(P.S. : I know I double posted, but this is somewhat of a bump :p)

Darkflame 2016-06-12 11:30

E3 has sort of shrunk over the last few years. A few big publishers preferring their own streamed event , with less actually on the show floor.

They did try last year to have a special PC section, incidentally, not sure what came of it.

Darkflame 2016-06-12 14:23

Star Trek VR game being unveiled at E3:

Basically you play the crew of the bridge of a starship.
I like this concept a lot. Not that it will necessarily work, but I think its exactly the right approach to a VR game. Try to replicate a experience of being in a place and situation and making decisions - dont just do
"[existing game genre]-IN THREE DEEEEE!!!"

Darkflame 2016-06-12 23:39

EA just had their presentation. Sports and Battlefield dont interest me much, but there was a small team platform(?) game called Fe they are publishing.

Unrelated, but Telltale Games also released details on their Batman game.


"We've been hard at work at Telltale creating an all-new iteration of the iconic Batman story that puts players in the suit of billionaire Bruce Wayne, just as much as it will put them behind the mask, deciding how to carefully navigate a complex drama, rich with action, crime, corruption, and villainy lurking around every corner of Gotham City," Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner said in a statement.

"The complex life and fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne has lent itself to becoming a bold evolution of the signature 'Telltale' role-playing experience, and we couldn't be more excited as we prepare to debut the series to players across the world this summer."

I think thats the first time Batmans been a IP in a point and click.

gravel22 2016-06-13 06:28

We've watched it and commented it on Discord. And we found it sucks.

BF1 looks awesome though, but that event... Really strange...

I felt it was dedicated for those kind of kids :

Kasia 2016-06-14 07:52

I watched Ubisoft's conference last evening, hoping to hear some news about BGE 2... heard nothing, what a surprise. :rolleyes:

Darkflame 2016-06-14 16:06

Its, apparently, still being worked on
I think at this point he is alone in some basement working on it.

Darkflame 2016-06-14 16:17

My summery so far;

1. Microsoft - Somewhat impressed me not with games shown but rather their attitude to co-operation and cross platform play. They demo'd people playing Minecraft on the Xbox, a tablet, and a Gear VR all together at the same time.
Gear VR is Android, not sure if the Tablet was iOS or Android. But still, pretty cool.
They also announced some games will be sold once and you can use it on any Microsoft platform. (ie, you only need to buy one copy and you can play it on either Win10 or Xbox).

Hardware wise they will be selling a smaller, upgraded, XboxOne version for $299. Seems reasonable value.
They also will be selling a stupidly powerful version for VR/4K output. (they all play the same games).

Gamewise, I dunno, they had some game by Rare where you collaborate in running a pirate ship. Could be fun, but not the sort of thing that seems easy to play if you need, like 4 people or whatever.

2. Ubisoft - Not much of the big stuff interested me, but I was pleased to see a sequal to Grow Home called Grow Up. Despite being a bit clunky, I really liked the first game.
As a promotion thing, Ubisoft will be giving away a game every month this year. You want Sands Of Time free? Then go get it! Because its free and its awesome.

They announced a sequal to the game "Watchdogs". Saw a letsplay of the first which was amusing, but mostly because the game seemed mind-blowingly inconsistent between gameplay and story. (ie, you drive around the city like its GTA, killing about a hundred innocent people each trip, yet somehow in cutscenes your supposed to be a hero...)

Nintendo - At 17:00 GMT today I think. Supposed to just be showing Zelda (which is obviously my big thing), but I am also highly interested in Pokemon Go, seeing as I always thought Pokemon was "the" game for augmented reality. Even if this is only a crude first step it should be cool

Things that bored me most so far;

Zombies. Too many zombie themed games. blahhh.

Darkflame 2016-06-14 18:20

Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Yup. That will do nicely :) (I still wonder if thats the xenoblade engine they based it on)

Homeless 2016-06-14 20:36

One showcase that really caught my eye during the PC Gaming presentation was Dual Universe:

This one reminds me so much of Infinity: The Quest for Earth:
Infinity has been in development since, oh well, 2003 or something and they've since abandoned the idea of a whole universe with lots of freedom, which saddens me. They're currently going for something which in their minds is more realistic, a large-scale spaceship, space & planetary, battle simulator in a single star system, see

I'm personally really excited seeing someone picking up the torch of Infinity's currently lost ambitions. I've followed Infinity since somewhere around 2005 and been wanting a game like that since way beyond that. No Man's Sky is one of those that come to mind also, but it's not really the same type of game. I'll probably enjoy that one a great deal too, but a persistent single-instance universe with all the stuffing of Elite only with more player freedom than Elite Dangerou is more appealing to me than what No Man's Sky brings to the table atm.

Darkflame 2016-06-14 20:47

Theres also

Which sadly gets a lot less press coverage then NoMansSky & Elite.
Its a shame, as its also doing some very cool stuff in this "Space".
Dev Blog;

Darkflame 2016-06-14 20:50

Dual Universe, incidentally, reminds me a bit of "Planetary Explorers". Sort of taking a minecraft approach. DU has a bigger scope though. PE is more focused on one planet.
Still its pretty cool.

Polaris 2016-06-15 01:35

I read that both Sony and Mycrosoft announced new consoles, they are going for the different models of the same thing approach, kinda like Nintendo and its handhelds...
Frankly that's weird and I don't see how it could work. I guess they are planning for the very long term.
Still nice to see things changing, humans like when some things are changing |)

Darkflame 2016-06-15 13:49

Well, the reason why they are doing it is the current systems dont make it easy for high-res VR to work. So they are releasing in-between models beefed up enough to support VR well.
Well, at least Sony is. Microsoft's crazy-overpowered thing seems a bit overkill for that.

To my knowledge, they have promised the same games will work accross everything. So its not a real new generation.
(which would be a mistake - you only piss your existing fans of if suddenly a lot of games coming out they cant play)

Darkflame 2016-06-15 13:52

Anyway, heres my big event;

Spoilers, naturally.
(Especially that opening scene - seems this time around some things about Links legend are a bit more explicitly showen. But yeah, change is good :) )

Polaris 2016-06-15 14:51

This does look nice !
I read an article praising the fact that you can roam the world half-naked :D

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