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Firephoenix 2002-05-05 20:01

Help, problems for mailling lists
I wanted to make a link allowing all the members of the RMP to mail to the full team, a link with all the adresses together.

But there are about 37 members in the RMP, and when I try to put them all, theree is an error when clicking on the link : it tells I havent well installed outlook. I've tried all, and now I've seen it's when there are more than 19 members in the list that there are troubles.

It's not due to a bad adress in the list, I've tried many list possibilities.
Could you go there : ,and try the 2 mail links on the top ?
Does the left one work ?

Are there restrictions about the number of adressed, in outlook express ? HELP :(

Double-J 2002-05-05 20:05

Could you group the emails by jobs? That would keep the numbers down while still sending the same stuff out...:)

Firephoenix 2002-05-05 20:15

I'll do that for some jobs, but for newsletters and stuff that wont be OK....
This link is before all for me : it's a dynamic link, I wont have to change it when there si a new one, and furthermore, the group tool of Outlook Express doesnt work well, some members go out of it without reasons. :(

So does anyone manage to use the first link of that page ?

NickdeClaw 2002-05-11 08:03

Firephoenix, you play sc?

Firephoenix 2002-05-11 12:06

Starcraft ? I've played fully the game+add-on, and it's surely my best strategy game, even if I dont play in online, because I dont like this "rush" type of game, I prefer developping before attacking.

At the moment I play before all Unreal tournament online (the mutators scripts are fabulous !). :)

NickdeClaw 2002-05-15 06:30

wait, so you don't like online just because a lot of ppl rush... in melee?

Firephoenix 2002-05-15 15:53

Well in fact I've never played Starcraft on battlenet servers, but the games I've made in lan tournaments showed me it was a rush style too often (2*6 zerglings in the face : no way to survive :D) . And an other problem : if it's not a rush game, games can be quite long, and cause I until recently had a quite limited time and no adsl, I didnt want to have to quit in progress games.:-/

So I prefer short games under unreal tournament : "face" map - lowgravity - instagib : 1300 kills total in 5 mn, after that you're happy for the rest of the day. ;)

wacko 2002-05-15 16:30

Ontopic post (I know I'm late): you can also have PHP send an email to all users, instead of using an email program. A simple example of a PHP mailer:

PHP Code:

<head><title>Mail form</title></form><?

// Define all names and email addresses here
$to = "wacko <>" . " , ";
$to .= "SomeOne <>" . " , ";
$to .= "BLAR <>";

// Check if all fields have been filled in and send the mail if it's ok
if($subject&&$from&&$message) {
mail($to, $subject, $message, "From: $from");
echo("Your mail has been sent.<br>&nbsp;<br>");

?><form action="<? echo("$PHP_SELF");?>" method="post">
<b>Subject:</b> <input type="text" name="subject"><br>
<b>Your email address:</b> <input type="text" name="from"><br>
<textarea name="message"></textarea>


The email addresses list could also be automated, like fetched from a database.

Firephoenix 2002-05-15 17:08

Thanks, but anyway mail() is disabled on for coloured newsletter, it's not the best way I think...


OK I've found : it's my win98 partition that must be formatted, causse my winXP manages to open this link without problems.
I had to go under XP one day or an other, anyway...;)

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