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Lucifer 2003-12-14 21:02

Hi everybody,

I'm very happy to announce that I will go to Japan for ten months as an exchange student with YFU International Exchange (

The Japanese government made fourteen of these scholarships available, from which I have won one. I will stay in a Japanese hostfamily and go to a regular Japanese school, so I will also have to learn to speak Japanese. I don't know yet where I will stay in Japan. It can be everywhere, north or south, in a city or in a village. I hope I will soon get this information together with the info about my hostfamily.

I do not know how much I will be able to make use of computers and internet, or if I will have much time for the MBN. The use of computers might seem obvious, looking at Japan's highly advanced technology, but I am not sure about it. It really depends on my school and my hostfamily.

To make some things clear - I knew about this quite long already, and I believe I have told some of you on IRC once, and Axx and Chaosfish know because of the future of the Twinsen's Adventure website. I have not told anyone else on the MBN yet as I was in a period of low activity (now I'm becoming more active again). My departure is going to be in March, so that's still quite some time, but I wanted to let you know already.


Medur 2003-12-14 21:16

OMFG. Congratulations, and good luck. I think all the otakus around here envy you now. :D

Bushmeister 2003-12-14 21:44

I think that's really great for you Lucifer, a really good chance. Hope everything goes well in the Land of Nintendo!

ChaosFish 2003-12-14 22:48

As I said, WTF! :D
This seems crazy to me (Japan!), but it might be right for you.
I hope you'll enjoy there, and learn a lot of new stuff :p
Have Fun!!!

Atresica 2003-12-15 00:06

Whoa! You lucky mofo!

have a lot of fun :D

Fireball 2003-12-15 04:15

Good luck, and have fun!

BTW: Cool! Japan!

Reek 2003-12-15 06:53

You lucky ba.... :( :(

Enjoy dude! :D

morshem 2003-12-15 10:04

Sod off! :D

Have fun ;) .

wacko 2003-12-15 19:18

Have a great time there! :cool:
And yeah, I'm a little envious ;).

Lucifer 2003-12-15 19:54

Thanks for your positive reactions :)

Darkflame 2003-12-15 21:59

lucky git :p

lembo 2003-12-17 02:49

man, you're gonna have an amazing time, enjoy! :D

Kingpin 2003-12-18 23:55

Coolza go see some anime for me!!

xesf 2003-12-19 00:10

Good luck ...

hobmoblin 2003-12-22 11:23

Say Hi! to your Japenese folks for me :)

Have Fun!

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