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Double-J 2007-04-20 15:41

LBA Prequel Job Opening - 3D Modeler Needed
Edit: Could this maybe get a sticky? ;)

I've posted this in the Fan Art section since, well, this would be the best place to find a 3D modeler. Not only that, but maybe some won't check the news section.

Anyways, the LBA Prequel really needs a 3D modeler. Lewi-G, our head modeler, is quite busy (as you may know from his MBN advert thread in off-topic) and requires some help to work on modeling for the Prequel. You can find the full requirements here and here. But basically, we need someone with modeling experience (not necessarily in a professional capacity, but if you've done some work for another project like the RMP, that would be a good start), and should be able to work with Maya and Photoshop well.

If you fit the description, please send us some examples of your work and tell us a bit about yourself and your qualifications. Our email is, as always, [email address]

Thanks guys!


Double-J 2007-04-23 17:01

bumpity bump bump! :p

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