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wannie 2020-10-20 00:24

Kickstarter - Calling all Magicalball Conjurers
Hi everyone,

Quetch and I were chatting the other day about Philippe Vachey's Kickstarer campaign and we were wondering who the other 'Magicball Conjurers' are. I know Lba1&2 is also a Conjurer, but according to Quetch there should be 7 of us at this contribution level - where are you? :)

Quetch 2020-10-28 21:54

Anyone? :) c'mon guys and gals, why not gather here since we're all MBN members for decades now and it'd be a super cool idea to know who all 7 of us are, especially for seeing how this Kickstarter thing will evolve for the Magicball Conjurers, as if it'll want to fade to black (as it seems to do for a while now) we should really act as a team and initiate a discussion with Wayo. Just sayin' :rolleyes:

Neko 2020-10-29 14:37

Ask on the facebook page

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