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Double-J 2006-08-24 16:39

I also disagree with the points system in general, but I do think that the rules/regulations need to be modified to better define what each is, as well as detailing what the penalty is (in general).

So, for instance:

Flaming (definition.....blahblahblah): For the first infraction: warning, second infraction: 3 points, the third: 10 points, 1-day ban, etc. etc.

Gustav Sweden 2006-08-25 15:09

I'm sorry but I'm very busy right now. I will enter this debate in a couple of days.

I know that I haven't responded to PMs from two of you, but I hope that you understand that I will fix that later.

Quetch 2006-09-09 16:30

hmm I think the best thing for the forum right now is a format ;) It would be cool to delete almost every thread in every section , except the important ones , BUT as I know that won't happen , at least please let me express my opinion about the current state of the forum : * here we go ... ;)

The Magicball Network is a forum dedicated to the game called Little Big Adventure . RIGHT ??? let me hear the crowd ! Now , this game was made by Mr. Frederick Raynal , RIGHT ??? Now as many of u know , he has been snooping around the forum for a few times and he has 2 kids too . Now , what if they decide to search the internet and find out more about daddy's games ??? Searching LBA will automatically pop MBN on any search engine . Now they or Fred are looking at this VERY NICE comunity ... and what do they see ? lots and lots of "fucks" , swearings , gay members or at least gay instigation , homosexual threads ( because this is a high class forum and we defenetly need the Off Topic section :rolleyes: ) and a very cozy relationship here . Moderators are punnishing people upon personal beliefs and principles , not taking into account the actual fact and opinions and so on . Oh BTW : when punnishing , make a poll and let the people deicde ;) Now other "superior" ranks here think that if they have been here for years and they have the Moderator Tag , they can push any buttons they want just because they can . Some people here are extremly rude and acting very dumb and silly , having the most unusual temperaments I've ever seen on a forum AND this brings me to another thing : when someone does something wrong and the punnishment comes after 1 minute and the thread starts filling with a flame war . People , you say in life u have the liberty of expression , but this is not the real life !!! You cannot punnish someone and just that !!! In real life , u are susceptible to get a bloody nose if u get cocky and all that so ease down on both sides : mods and users !!! Again , I am telling u : THIS IS A LBA FORUM !!! so let's start acting like a real LBA community and stop the silly nonsense . We all said " fuck , ass , dick , etc. " and all that , in a more or less rude way , but let's put that aside and stop NOW !!! I know this post will annoy 99% people in here , but that's the fact , I really didn't want to offend anyone , but just remind them ( and me of course ) of our mistakes , so PLEASE !!! let's start from scratch , ok ? ;)

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