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Neko 2001-04-28 15:05

Get The Acces BACK!

webseed is the owner of the webpage
ask him to update the page or find a new webpage because this is madness

how do you expect people to work on it when they aren't even on the website?

like smazy converted the weapon sounds, but isn't listen on the site

like my music isn't even on the site

a shame

Lightwing 2001-04-28 22:00

As Webseed told us a long time ago, he's not going to have an access to the internet a lot....So updating his webpage would be pretty difficult.

Neko 2001-04-29 13:59

than in the time he has acces he could deliver the page to silferfish or el or phoenix

Phoenix 2001-04-29 22:12

Yeah I know it's also the reason why lots of ppl never joined the Mod, Phyber etc..

I'm gonna mail him becuase he promised to transfer it months ago.

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