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Polaris 2014-10-08 17:12

Have two different definition is fine, but you can't deny that Pluto's different from the other planets, its orbit crosses Neptune's...
I think that's what the third characteristic means, if Neptune and Pluto were to collide, Pluto would cease to be...

Didn't know about the first one though "it has to orbit around the sun", what do we call the celestial objects orbiting around other stars ? Exoplanets ?

Darkflame 2014-10-08 19:20

All the plants are different from eachother though. :-/
Crossing Nepture is no more significant then, say, the difference between a solid and a gas giant.

"clear its orbit" how clear? (Neptune hasn't cleared its orbit of pluto has it?)
"round how round?


And even if they all had precise values ("X amount of mass cleared from its orbit" etc), I dont see why this would be anything useful scientifically when combined.

What does it tell you if something forfills all 3 criteria?

Calling something "a fruit" tells us its something a plant has evolved to help seed distribution and growth.

Calling something "a planet" tells us......umm....its round and has cleared its orbit?

Doesn't seem the same thing to me really. You could redraw the lines to include/exclude stuff pretty easily. I dont see the criteria as any more useful then, say, ordering them by colour or what they smell like :D

Bunnyrabbot2002 2014-10-13 15:07


Darkflame 2014-10-15 20:00

New fusion reactor design:

Seems pretty hopeful.


This crucial difference means that for the same size, the CFR generates more power than a tokamak by a factor of 10. This in turn means, for the same power output, the CFR can be 10 times smaller. The change in scale is a game-changer in terms of producibility and cost, explains McGuire. “It’s one of the reasons we think it is feasible for development and future economics,” he says. “Ten times smaller is the key. But on the physics side, it still has to work, and one of the reasons we think our physics will work is that we’ve been able to make an inherently stable configuration.” One of the main reasons for this stability is the positioning of the superconductor coils and shape of the magnetic field lines. “In our case, it is always in balance. So if you have less pressure, the plasma will be smaller and will always sit in this magnetic well,” he notes.

“the pace that people work at here is ridiculously fast,” he says. “We would like to get to a prototype in five generations. If we can meet our plan of doing a design-build-test generation every year, that will put us at about five years, and we’ve already shown we can do that in the lab.”

Darkflame 2014-11-12 12:23

Presumably to celebrate my birthday, Nasa has sent a craft to land on a comet;

A few hours left till touchdown.

Dino-Fly 2014-11-12 13:48


Originally Posted by Darkflame (Post 450150)
Presumably to celebrate my birthday, Nasa has sent a craft to land on a comet;

A few hours left till touchdown.

I think you mean the ESA. Don't let NASA get all the credit. ;)

Darkflame 2014-11-12 14:19

whoops my mistake!

Anyway, you can follow the landing via xkcd;

SpaceGuitarist 2014-11-13 04:56

Haha, awesome! (ps: thanks for reminding me of xkcd, been some time I didn't follow it)

Polaris 2014-11-13 12:08

I was thinking, why this is certainly impressive, does it have any use beside being beautiful ?

Darkflame 2014-11-13 13:09

Mainly my understanding is we dont understand much about where comets come from, and only vaguely about what they are made of.
This should give us a better idea of both.

I suppose that means the use is basically; a) Curiosity; the history of our solar system
and b) potential data for future mining operations.

Darkflame 2014-11-14 20:22

And now firing a lazer at droplet of water and viewing it at 10million "pseudo-frames" per second;

humans rock.

Darkflame 2014-11-19 17:09

The future is now. And its people falling over:

Darkflame 2014-11-19 17:15

oh, and while not as "omg future" as some stuff this is going to make google image searches massively more useful;

Polaris 2014-11-19 19:02

Not bad. Actually no, very impressive ! I like how the program completely messes up the third pic though :lol:

Darkflame 2014-11-19 20:19

Yeah :D
Perhaps it read a lot of Silver Surfer comics and hasn't yet learnt what's real and what's not yet.

SpaceGuitarist 2014-11-21 02:22


Originally Posted by Darkflame (Post 450247)
The future is now. And its people falling over:

:eek: Daaaamn. It's real.

I'm pretty sure we'll look up to this decades later, when we're sick and tired of them dropout kids hangin' around graffitting and carrying their hoverboards and smoking pot, as "Oh wow how naive haha, look, the first try of the hoverboard" "yeah lulz".

I wonder how teaching instituitions will be then, how will they teach these new historical events which take place on the internet? "And so, after a kickstarter, the invention of the Hoverboard was conducted to terms, now watch this video and make notes, class".


Originally Posted by Darkflame (Post 450249)
oh, and while not as "omg future" as some stuff this is going to make google image searches massively more useful;

Heh. I'm pretty sure porn was one of the first things those guys tried their new system with. "Computer model: Midgets in homo action."

Darkflame 2014-11-21 02:28

Yes, they trained their neural net on youtube...which is fairly strictly monitored....and it learned to recognise cats.
Now they turn a similar technology on all the images online....I am scared to think what it will learn O_O

Darkflame 2014-11-21 15:56

Ive long been a supporter of 3d printers - proudly owning a Ultimaker - and being even more pleased how the tech has leapt on since that one came out.

Now, theres 3 basic techs;

1. Dripping bits of plastic down at a position, moving, dropping some more (how Ultimaker,RepRap,MakerBot and a load of others work). These have always been the cheapest - partly because they can be made by amataurs with 3d printed or lazer cut parts.

2. The other tech is using Resin and setting it by projection or lazers. This makes the result quicker, allows greater overhangs, higher resolutions without so much fine tuning of motors, and less wasted plastic. These used to be purely high end stuff, but first thanks to the FormOne;
These are now accessible to home users. They are easier to use typicaly, and can be found in highstreet shops now. The downside is the resin is much more expensive the the PLA the first type uses.

Even better, there is the astonishingly cheap $100 Peachy printer in development;

3. The 3rd type is lazer skittering - using a lazer to set a layer of dust material before scrapping it away to do the next layer. These are crazy expensive, professional grade and used for industrial applications.
Till now;

The main advantage being they can form any shape without support and can be used on a huge number of materials - professional metal printing is done this way.

Whats nice about this last one is it completes the set; Nothing is out of the hands of "amateurs" now, we can all make basicly anything from digital files with devices costing $100-$3000 depending what we need.

btw...did something change on the forum :?
Try to make a link of "" with the link goes funny for me.

marcosmapf 2014-11-28 03:55

Hoverboards are so cool :(
Dark, I believe there should be a photo in your last post? It isn't showing here

Polaris 2014-11-28 12:02

Nah, it's a problem with the link.

marcosmapf 2014-11-29 14:00

Yea, I read the other thread where you guys discussed about the issue :p

Darkflame 2014-12-05 14:36

Orions launch was a few minutes ago - completely successful so far. :) :) :)
An insanely big spaceship currently on its way to a high orbit.

Successful splashdown!!!

This is a huge leap forward - this craft is powerful enough to visit the moon,comets and one day Mars.
Still got a lot to work out, but its the first time in awhile humans have had a craft that can go those distances.

Darkflame 2015-01-09 16:02

This is neat;

Its a small drone that you can wear around your arm, you can detach it tose it away from you and it will take a photo of you before returning.

I mean, if you must do Selfies, thats pretty much the coolest way to do them.

marcosmapf 2015-01-14 02:07

Have you guys ever heard of the whole "Selfie Stick" trend that has been going on? I mean, seriously? Lets at least use cool robots instead of sticks :lol:

Darkflame 2015-01-14 02:09

Indeed. Wrist mounted quadracopter is way cooler.
I mean, its a crazy amount of tech to use for something fairly pointless, but still awesome.

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