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RFPT 2016-08-18 13:52

I'm back
I got an email from the forum wishing me a happy birthday from a while back, I had completely forgotten about this site
Turns out I joined the forum when I was 14. I'm 23 now. I looked at a few of my posts and now I want to back in time and punch myself. Wonderful that the dumb shit I said in the past is online forever.

I still have my copy of the second game

gravel22 2016-08-18 22:40

Pretty cool! Welcome back man!

ChaosFish 2016-08-18 23:36

Welcome back! I too think it's wonderful the dumb things we said in the past stay online forever. A reminder we're all just human.

Darkflame 2016-08-19 12:09

Yes. We. Are. All. Human.

Welcome Back!

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