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Curry 2005-10-09 18:26

LBA2 Keeps freezing at a specific point
Know the bit on LBA2 where you go to jail when you first get to the alien planet?

when joe warps himself in and says 'they stole your wizard costume, and now we're in jail', the game freezes and i get an error message.

it shouldnt be the disk as i had it professionally cleaned before i installed the game. of course that doesnt mean it isnt, but is there anything you guys can think of that i can do to fix the problem?

LBAWinOwns 2005-10-10 01:21

this is a known problem that affects some people, im not sure if there's any solution better than load a savegame instantly after he comes to your cell.

Curry 2005-10-10 13:51

do you mean load any save game, or the autosave of when you wake up in the prison?

LBAWinOwns 2005-10-10 17:35

load a savegame.

Curry 2005-10-10 19:33

that doesnt work :(

it still freezes...

Double-J 2005-10-12 06:34

Can't you load a save that occurs after that section? I mean, after you're out of the jail, and back into the streets of Otringal?

Pianist 2005-10-12 19:28

I think you could download a savegame from

Curry 2005-10-12 19:49

oh THATS what you meant!

i thought the guy was talking about something similar to the jump/save bug. ill get on it thx :)

Curry 2005-10-12 20:26

'zip file is corrupted'???

whats going on here?

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