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yuric 2002-05-13 20:32

very strange glitch
ok, i was playing the demo of lba2 (again) and i found something out!

when i go to a certain place on sendell`s flower circle on citadel island, and i search with normal mode , twinsen hops as usual but after that the game just quits all by it`s own!


yuric 2002-05-13 20:38

1 Attachment(s)
here is a pic of the exact place

highlighted within the green circle

i hear d that in this place that little blue elf called joe (i think) appears!

wacko 2002-05-13 20:56

Yes, later on in the game there will be something there which will be searchable with the action command. Strange that it's already available for you. Anyway, it's a bug - you're not supposed to do anything there yet. Just continue the game, you'll know when there's something there :).

yuric 2002-05-13 20:58

i can`t cotinue on the gamne because i only got the damn demo! >_<

wacko 2002-05-13 20:59

Oh, ofcourse.
Well, you're not supposed to do anything there at all then.

Rabbibunny052 2002-05-13 21:59

Yeah when I first played the demo I thought that was kinda freaky. BTW...if you want to stop playing the demo it isnt that hard to get LBA2...they sell it at a lot of game stores...even common ones. I found a copy for only about 14 dallors. And can get LBA2 just about anywhere online. Its LBA1 thats hard to find.

yuric 2002-05-13 22:09

lba2 is as rare as gold here in malta!

i can`t get it that easily and i can`t get it online becaus 1: no credit card and 2: my parents are very cheap!

kaderoboy 2002-05-14 05:37

Hm, LBA2 is probably even rarer here :p Pretty odd glitch, you'll find more once you play the whole game.

G.A. Zogem 2002-05-14 12:07

I'm sure wacko will be able to help you:p

yuric 2002-05-14 22:33

i found another glitch!

try going on top of that wooden bridge in the first part of the game(rainy citadel) that faces the harbor!

throw your magic ball down there!

it will be reflected back to you from mid-air like it`s hitting some invisible wall!

the game itself is still split into scenes but instead of making a black background (like lba1 and lba2 on the 0 level of detail), they made a 3D background that streches as far as the eye can see!

{}ghost{} 2002-05-14 22:56

lols u hit the cloaked ferry :D

yuric 2002-05-14 23:07

don`t know exactly what that means but yeah, lol!:D

it`s very ingenious to make the background as a 3D rendered version instead of keeping it black like in lba1!

hey, a way to get lost, go to the middle of the white leaf desert and make detail to 0 so you can`t see the background except black! then try to find your way around like that!

i thought lba1`s white leaf desert was much bigger!:stupid:

kaderoboy 2002-05-15 05:40

Well you don't really get to see much of LBA1's White Leaf Desert, I expected it to be much bigger too at first :p

LeGeND 2002-05-17 14:44

Yeah same here.

G.A. Zogem 2002-05-20 12:43

Same here.

Atresica 2002-05-21 15:20


Simon 2002-05-25 10:13

Hope you will find the game!

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