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ChaosFish 2012-01-22 00:46

Update on my quest to buy a MicroSD:
This deal worked great for me. Much cheaper than anything I found in non-chinese sites (and in local stores), and works great. True class 10, true 32gb. Writing exceeds 10MB per second, and reading speed is 20MB per second. Looks like genuine Samsung. It works perfectly with this USB adapter. No need for any flash memory sticks... this here is the best portable storage solution. You can stick it in your PDA or anything.

I came to a conclusion that AliExpress is the best site for buying stuff from China. I bought a bunch of things through that site already and was never disappointed. There's really no need to buy from anywhere else... stuff is much cheaper, shipment is free, and the products work as they should.

Darkflame 2012-01-29 15:58

Just how far we have come:

One side plugs into your tv, the other side a usb for keyboard/hub etc.

Thats a $25 Linux PC, around the power of the original Xbox. No problems running full 1080p videos, webrowsers,Quake3, etc.
Shipping soon.

ChaosFish 2012-01-29 18:44

:eek: Sweet!

Mia 2012-01-29 19:23

We're living in the future! (Yes, I know that makes no sense). Unfortunately, I don't have a TV. Rats!

Darkflame 2012-01-29 19:39

Whats your monitor connector? It uses HDMI as standard, and theres a A/V version too. Might be VGA as well.

Mia 2012-01-29 22:54

I'm mostly using a laptop these days, but I think the monitor I have is VGA. Hmm.

ChaosFish 2012-01-29 23:15

$7.37, free shipping: (but yeah, for a $25 computer this seems a bit expensive)

ChaosFish 2012-02-06 23:08

And according to Haaretz (prominent Israeli newspaper), this movie is for real.

I'm... wow. No. WORDS..... I fantasized about this technology since forever. And... IT'S HERE. It's like a far-fetched episode of Fringe with something invented by Walter Bishop and William Bell. But it's real.

leoboe 2012-02-06 23:13

This technique has already been mentioned and used in the TV-series [H]ouse.
I think they tried to get some info from their patient's repetative nightmare :P

ChaosFish 2012-02-06 23:20

And, how come nobody told me about it?

You can SEE people's thoughts. I would give so much in order to enter this machine. Basically it's just an FMRI, right? So all I need to do is become a multimillionaire and buy one... and then get ahold of this lab's software... I don't care if I have to pirate it. I want to record my dreams.

Darkflame 2012-02-07 00:09

Its not quite seeing peoples thoughts - its more like building a map between thoughts and the average brain activity for a specific person.
You can then run this backwards on a new thought to see what (other) clips most match what they saw.

However, seeing is not the same as thinking about seeing, so this might not work on "mere" thoughts. And considering it needs 500hours of "training" to get a persons map,it will be awhile before we have true brain reading.

ChaosFish 2012-02-07 01:04

Still incredible. And thinking about seeing is actually in a way the same as seeing. The same areas of the brain are being operated. (I actually learned that in a neurology lecture)

Darkflame 2012-02-07 14:57

Good point - I forgot that.
I wasn't saying it wasn't incredible, just you gota read the explanation rather then just the video that kinda implies its getting those images on the right out of the brain directly.

Darkflame 2012-02-28 22:51


ChaosFish 2012-02-29 03:44

Wow... this is incredible. To just transform heat into electricity that easily? All energy problems - solved. It has the potential to do such a huge giant industrial revolution... that I'm sure that if it's what they say that is, some rich people WILL invest a lot of money trying to murder them.

Darkflame 2012-02-29 12:18

Well, I wouldn't say all power problems, as its only a slight power generated.
Still, would make a heck of a lot of stuff vastly more power efficient.

ie. We spend power in computers to keep our CPU temp down, with this sort of stuff we can make power by doing so.

Darkflame 2012-03-01 17:32

3D, Transparent, Headtracking display:

This is what Microsoft can do when they actually bother to try.

ChaosFish 2012-03-01 18:28

That's awesome.

Darkflame 2012-03-01 19:18

Yup. As a 3D Artist I spend a heck of a lot of time just repositioning the camera or the plane I am editing.
A true 3d view and interface would massively speed up my modeling.

ChaosFish 2012-03-01 19:49

That + force feedback gloves. So you can actually feel the model in your hands.

Darkflame 2012-03-01 20:33

good point

ChaosFish 2012-03-01 23:46

I've seen that site ages ago... when is going to be mass produced already?

But if you want something affordable now that works with most 3D software you can buy the SpaceNavigator:

Darkflame 2012-03-02 02:36

I believe they have been avaliable for ages, just very very expensive.
They are true feedback, mind - you actually feel a solid resistance rather then just a buzz or a tiggle. (hence all the levers and stuff - they are there to stop your figures moving if needed :P).

For 3D mouses theres a few options, I rather like this as it gives you some feedback too;
I used this one once at a show, where they had it hocked up to a special hapatic version of Penumbra.
It was a bit like walking around and poking things with a stick :P

Darkflame 2012-03-08 17:17

HP aiming to have optical processors (256cores, 16nm) working by 2017;

ChaosFish 2012-03-21 01:09

Energizer are now selling AA and AAA batteries that supposedly last 7-9 times longer than current Energizer batteries. "Energizer Ultimate Lithium". I'm totally gonna get some of those.

I just love (hate) how EVERY, SINGLE, (commercial) SITE, has two English versions. One for intelligent Englishmen and one for dumb Americans. I'm neither of those so I don't find that offensive or anything, but I think Americans should. :-/

According to the US version of this product's official webpage/case, these batteries last up to 9 times longer. According to the British version, they last up to 8 times longer. I tend to believe the latter.

Oh and I saw some (official) Chinese ad saying they last up to 7 times longer.

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