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Atresica 2000-11-11 10:48

Well thanks to DS (thank you thank you!) I could see those video images while not playing the game... my question is: which Twinsen looks better, that one of LBA 1 or 2.
Personly I think the one of LBA 1 looks better.

Simon 2000-11-11 11:27

I think that too

Neko 2000-11-11 17:52

twinsen's face in part 2 was so ugly!!!!

but his suit was better, the colors were much better

elmuerte 2000-11-11 21:54

If you look good you can see a few diffirent tunics in the LBA1 and LBA2 videos.

Atresica 2000-11-12 00:49

That's true, they are indeed different.
I think the LBA 2 Twinsen is too....'childfriendly' (can't explane better), I think you can better 'indentify' yourself with the LBA 1 Twinsen (which looked a little more 'realistic' (as far that's posseble)) than the LBA 2 Twinsen.

Also the 2 games are in some ways different from each other. Dispite the enemies-turn-into-stars stuff LBA1 was still more serious and well...realistic, while LBA 2 looked as if it was ment for a younger adience.

Let's hope they'll just make it the same way as the old trusty LBA 1 was

elmuerte 2000-11-12 04:38

Well what I meant was that Twinsen sometimes has real sleaves and sometimes he has a real belly :)

Atresica 2000-11-12 12:03

Uhm this was still about the 'Twinsens' and not the tunic...

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