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Kitarii 2017-12-02 20:38

Twinsen on Instagram
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Sightseeing selfie #preach #zeelich

Beach body ready #lads #desertislandvibes ⛱ ☀️

New pop-up bar just opened and this fella has already passed out #only10pm #citadelnightlife

Man's best friend #dinofly

(I'm sure you creative people can come up with some more interesting attempts)

MrQuetch 2017-12-02 20:45

Is it me, or is the LBA series becoming more common again? I made another thread in which I mentioned that someone talked about LBA in a Youtube video about, "10 Things Gamers Wouldn't Understand Today"... Or something among those lines. Then JBrotherz sent me another link from a Youtuber known as, "Lazy Game Reviews"... Or something like that too.

Sounds like LBA is going around again. :D

The person who posted those did something extra to give a smooth, "Flow" throughout the pictures.

Kitarii 2017-12-02 21:00

I made these today, Twinsen isn't really on Instagram. Have a go at making some yourself!

MrQuetch 2017-12-05 06:00


Originally Posted by Kitarii (Post 457279)
I made these today, Twinsen isn't really on Instagram. Have a go at making some yourself!

Actually, I don't use Instagram - sorry. I don't spend my time on social media like that. I do post threads and respond to others on the internet though. It's similar (I guess). I'd rather make some more LBA memes.

But, it's nice to know that people are still keeping LBA going. ;)

Edit: ... I get it now, it's like Twinsen is actually posting his own information on Instagram, right? That's pretty clever.

Styx 2017-12-06 01:26

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Pizza on a Tuesday! #foodporn #madlad #sorrynotsorry

Polaris 2017-12-08 11:44

That's not foodporn, that's an incoming tragedy :lol:

MevX 2017-12-08 23:28


MrQuetch 2017-12-09 04:41

Holy freaking crap, you guys are weird. Then again, so am I.

I think firefly tart would taste pretty good if it were real. I wonder what it'd be composed of.

Kitarii 2017-12-09 19:42


Originally Posted by Styx (Post 457286)
Pizza on a Tuesday! #foodporn #madlad #sorrynotsorry

Brilliant. :tup:

Carajo 2017-12-21 19:59

Thats a tart

xesf 2018-01-07 18:58

Are you guys creating a real account or what?! :D

Zeelich_boii 2018-02-08 01:13

Yeah, it would be great!

SpaceGuitarist 2018-02-22 14:49

Pretty funny guys... :)

Polaris 2018-02-23 01:36

Yeah, why is this thread dormant ? We want more !!

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