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elmuerte 2001-06-18 14:15

box downtime
Today (monday june 18) was gone for about 30 minutes. During a software upgrade a very important library got broken because of which some programs could not start anymore. So I took the box down to fix it... and now it works...
so sorry for the inconvenience if you could not visit the site for 30 minutes (if you realy missed it I think you should get a life)

wacko 2001-06-18 14:24

Re: box downtime

Originally posted by El_Muerte
(if you realy missed it I think you should get a life)
cool... where can I get those? They don't sell it over at the supermarket here in town...

CrOvAx 2001-06-18 15:27

I bought mine from that little guy on a cloud in the skies, can't recall his name on the moment, I thought something with a "G" .... }-)

But I did notice that the forum and the site were down, but no need to say sorry. Nevertheless, nice you did it !

Darkflame 2001-06-18 15:48

Really, I bought mine from this guy AND he gave me a discount.
I think his name was Lucifer or something.

Rex_Hollywood 2001-06-18 19:22

I just stole mine from someone else...

{}ghost{} 2001-06-18 21:30

Wacko we've been over this already, you can get life by buying them for people who have too much lives like CrazyBee, who has about 3 accounts on the MBN.. ;)

at first, they are real

but what about in the meanwhile?
weren't they real in those couple of days?
were them fake?
were them virtual?
Im shocked

Atresica 2001-06-18 22:36

I create my own life!

elmuerte 2001-06-18 23:59

I still haven;t found a life...

Medur 2001-06-19 20:13

come on, is very easy to find a life. Just search in (duh)

elmuerte 2001-06-20 01:03

but they are pretty expensive

Kieron 2001-06-20 03:47

Well nowadays everyone has to go for Microsoft LifeMe. Pretty soon after they released it, all the latest versions of the necessary programs (like Walking2000, TalkingMe, Learning2001) would only run on LifeMe.

But what they don't tell you is that LifeMe will only run on an Intel Body Inside at 2000GHz or above, and requires you to install DirectBrain 8.3a. You may, of course, then have to install patches 8.3b then 8.4 to stop your brain crashing every 5 minutes. This can be annoying because when you 'come to' after a DirectBrain crash, your desktop is rearranged. This is as yet unexplained by Microsoft.

The upgrade also means that if you have any problems with older programs (such as Thinking3.11 for Workgroups - I mean, who ever does that any more), you get no support from manufacturers; they just say that the problems arise from the latest version of DirectBrain, which is not yet supported by said manufacturer.

Ho hum.

If you want to be really radical - to 'think different,' as it were - go for an Apple iLife. They are extremely stable, fast and reliable lives. Unfortunately only a tiny percentage of people own iLives and so the many programs are not supported. You would not be able to Walk2000, TalkMe, Learn2001 or even FuckNT in the same way as everyone else. Which sometimes can be embarrassing (though some people do like to do things differently).

wacko 2001-06-20 14:48

I'll try LifeXP when it comes out, together with BodyXP.
Or maybe RedHat Life, or SuSe Life.

Darkflame 2001-06-20 16:02

We might be taking this metaphor a bit to far...

Atresica 2001-06-20 17:11


{}ghost{} 2001-06-20 19:01

What Metaphore?

Oh lol DarkFlame is joking, silly me :)

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