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jia yike 2018-12-28 06:17

Hi everyone!Finally find the group and take this gift!
Im a fan of this game and played lba2 for dozens of time.
Im a 3D & CG visualizer and I am working on a series of posters for the game's classic scenes,and the first piece is finished_"Funfrock appears",hope you like it! I will work on and share more in progress.
You can also find me on Behance\Artstation\Deviantart
My name is Jia yike from China.


pls connect

[email address]

Bersimon 2018-12-29 14:04

Wow - that looks absolutely incredible Jia, that's amazing!! :eek:

I'll definitely check out your DeviantART portfolio - can't wait to see your other work!

jia yike 2018-12-31 13:01

yes! I will make more, I have selected several scenes already

And I will share when the second image is done :)

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