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elmuerte 2007-12-25 11:01

How to gain access to the Roofles Den
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The Roofles Den is an off-topic sub forum where the rules concerning possible offensive content are enforced less strict. Other forum rules still apply. The content in the Roofles Den is only available to those who opt-in.

Warning: do not opt-in on the Roofles Den if you are easily offended.
By opting in you more or less waive the right to object to offensive content.

Opting in on the Roofles Den
To opt in you have to join the "Roofles Den" user group. You can join this user group through the User CP.

Select the "group memberships" option

Then select the "join group" option next to the user group "Roofles Den". And press the "Join Group" button.

To leave the opt-out simply select the "Leave Group" option.

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