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Atresica 2004-08-16 21:44

Look here for Moderation and Administration information
I want to be a moderator/administrator!
We currently don't take any moderators nor any administrators.
You cannot become moderator/administrator on request. If we (the forum team) believe that you should be one we will contact you about it.
Only project forum moderators might become mod on request.

I want to change my username!
We usually don't allow changing a username, although there are 2 exceptions:
1. You're an active member who wants to change something small (like changing "W00P" to "Woop")
2. You are an oldbie (been here for a long time)
If one of those apply to you, please don't create a thread asking name change on the MBN forums, instead just PM one of the administrators.

I want a subforum for my custom game!
Because of a lot of dead projects, we are rather sceptic of giving a subforum to just about anyone. To get a subforum you must at least have a demo or something ready.
If you believe that your project(s) are worth noticing, you can ask one of the moderators (or admins) to stick your thread on top.

I disagree with a moderator/administrator decision
PM (personal message) a mod or an admin with your complain or you could create a thread in this forum.

I'm having problems with a member
PM one of the mods or one of the admins for advice. We strongly suggest you do not post about this on the forum itself. It looks rather stupid and many members aren't waiting for being dragged into a flamewar.

I'm having problems with a moderator
Then this is the perfect forum to post, however we still would ask you to inform an administrator before you post anywhere else.

I'm having problems with an administrator
Then only god can help you... just kidding. There are two admins, you could always ask the other. But don't worry, both admins won't ban you because of a disagreement.

I'm having problems with a member/operator in #lba
The forum isn't the channel and the channel isn't the forum. If you have problems, talk to one of the operators in #lba.

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