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Gizmo 2012-08-07 12:05

:( please help me , problem with the game
so heres the thing , ive trying everything to get the game to work ,
i was using XP and i couldnt install both the requiredment to play the game ,
so i couldnt get the game to work at all ,

then i heard someone telling me that i need windows 7
so i went and bought it yesterday , just to be on lbanet ..

but here it wont ether install the requredment , so i just tryed out to see if the game works , and it did! but it looks all buggy and messed up ,

i cant see my mouse curser , all the bars are messed ,cant really move them because i cant see my mouse ,and i can only see the chatbar in some worlds , but i cant see whos online anymore ,

is it the new patches that do that , or is it my computer ?? ..
please help me , i used to play every singel day on lbanet..but since i got my new computer it cant be playeble anymore :(

pls , i obviusly want to do anything to get this working properly ,

realient i had you on skype , but got a new skype its Gizmo_vanilla
i hope youll add me :) been such a long time

leoboe 2012-08-07 16:59

Hey Gizmo
I really hope we can help you get LBANet running on your PC again. So here are a few questions:
What is your computer's GFX-Card?
Normally LBANet should run (at least in some way) on both WinXP and Win7.
What do you mean with "requiredments"? .Net3.5 and nVidia PhysX?
Remember that before installing PhysX (especially when you have a ATI/AMD-Card) you need to install the very latest GFX-Drivers for your System.

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