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Neko 2000-11-13 12:34

hey tell me el, how did you created those images on the esmer landing base on desert island?

a the top of the moutnain i mean

and how the heck did you create a savegame that is on the top of the emperor's palace?

please explain

the only thing i ever managed was jumping on that high thing (don't remember what it was) next to the hotel in the upper city of zeelich)

V2 2000-11-13 12:57

i think they used a save game editor (not sure)

wacko 2000-11-13 16:48

Emperor's palace: changed the locations in the savegame using some kind of editor... I think...?

This screenshot at the top of this Esmer's base was some kind of trick... Just drive onto the mountain, and as soon as you reach it, turn, and press ENTER to refresh the screen. Then you _might_ be driving on the mountain.

I never managed to do this though...

Simon 2000-11-15 06:59

I think so too V2

V2 2000-11-15 22:34

was this some kind of sarcasm or what?

bunnirabbot 2019-10-21 12:25

save game editor? :?

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