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elmuerte 2006-12-10 17:14

Phase 3: Schematic overview of Twinsun
Now that we've gathered all the ingame representations of the game I think we can move on to phase 3: Schematic overview of Twinsun.

This means the abstract drawing of the Twinsun with the continents.
Ofcourse the big problem is how we are going to draw this.

Anyway ideas for map drawing software?

Kobold 2006-12-10 17:29

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That's a good question actually.
I tried out Inkscape the other day. It's the software Homeless used for the Twinsunia logo, using vector graphics. I used the LBA 1 holomap of Desert Island as a reference.
I ended up with a good copy of the outline, and very poor coloring.

elmuerte 2006-12-10 17:47

Yes inkscape is a possibility. But I don't think we should use the bitmap trace feature. It's much better if we draw it by hand. We could manually trace it.

But still I was hoping for a better map drawing tool.

Kobold 2006-12-10 17:55

I'm completely unskilled in hand-drawings. That's why I used it. :p
What is that bitmap trace feature?

elmuerte 2006-12-10 22:14

didn't mean hand drawings, I meant drawn by hand (using your mouse or drawing tablet or whatever)

it's what you used to convert the image to a vector

Kobold 2006-12-10 22:20

I used the hand drawing tool to draw a very basic outline.
Then I spent a whole lot of time in comparing it to the ref and fixing the vectors.
It was a vector all the time.

xesf 2006-12-11 00:26

I'm not seeing a program to help in this task, but I have an unfinished hand draw of the Twinsun overview. It may help ordering each island in the real map. Need to see where it is now, and get a time to scan, but it only be possible next week since I can't use my scan atm :-/.

Kobold 2006-12-18 17:39

Any news?
Work that (even) I could do? :p

RickMelo 2006-12-20 22:37

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something like this? x.x

RickMelo 2006-12-21 16:29

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Citadel Island...

Kobold 2006-12-21 16:42

I don't know about that.
Anyway, we are doing the LBA 1 representation first.

RickMelo 2006-12-21 16:55

ok sry lol

Kobold 2006-12-22 13:32

How should the map look like? Like this? The problem with that kind of a map is that it is created for people who do not want to know anything about the poles - they should use an extra map for that.

But we are very much interested in the poles. He must find an other way of representation.

elmuerte 2006-12-22 13:56

Not like that, it should be square so you can scroll seemlessly to the left or right.

But ok, I think we should stick with Inkscape for map drawing then?

Kobold 2006-12-22 15:33


Originally Posted by El_Muerte (Post 299572)
Not like that, it should be square so you can scroll seemlessly to the left or right.

I was more concetrating about the content displayed in the map, not about the rounded edge. It has a focus on the equator, and puts the boring, empty poles near the edge. But Twinsun has a focus on the poles, and the equator is the "boring" part.


But ok, I think w[e should stick with Inkscape for map drawing then?
I don't know anything better. But I don't know much in that direction.

elmuerte 2006-12-22 17:35

what is Twinsun's equator?

The current image used is simply the holomap image. Just as test.

But yes, we do need to decide the orientation we want to use.

Kobold 2006-12-22 17:57

The equator is the Hamalayi Mountains.

Originally Posted by Little Big Adventure\Relentless quote #431
Twinsun is a relatively new planet on the outskirts of a remote galaxy. It's rotational plane has stabilized between two suns. There is a huge mountain range running along its equator, that divides the planet in half

elmuerte 2006-12-22 19:46


Kobold 2007-01-06 13:45

Something like this first maybe? Only the outlines would be a start.

[/collecting ideas]

Kobold 2007-01-22 22:12

So what's up?

[/collecting El-Muertes]

elmuerte 2007-01-22 22:33

the MBN is

Kobold 2007-01-23 16:34


Originally Posted by El_Muerte (Post 302908)
the MBN is

Reminds me of Google Germany going offline today short after midnight because some domain freaks messed things up.

Kobold 2007-02-26 21:38

Is the MBN still up?

elmuerte 2007-02-26 22:38

yes; there is a bit of a thing called lack of time

Kobold 2007-02-27 14:40

Surely. But there was also the possibility of forget.

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