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Double-J 2004-12-06 18:56

DVD X Copy
Anybody have or used their programs (Gold or Platinum ed) to burn backup copies of DVD's? I've heard that they are banned, actually, but you can still find some stores with the ripper (or you could always download, I'm sure). I was planning on getting a dual-layer DVD burner, and would like to back-up some of my more "special" dics (i.e. Godfather Trilogy) and I have heard that you can't get around the copyright protection with most programs, but these allow you to.

Does anybody know about these programs, or any others they recommend? (I've heard CloneDVD does well?)


wacko 2004-12-06 19:18
Guides --> DVD Backup (Full Guides) --> DVD / miniDVD --> DVD backup guides

Automatic all-in-one programs are pretty recent, before you had to decode, rip, re-encode and burn manually.

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