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Lightwing 2006-06-25 01:38

If you are active-
post here and state what job/position you have in the RMP. Also, feel free to jot down if you're working on something.


I'm a co-script writer / 3D Modeler. Currently doing work on the screenplay.

Assassin 2006-06-25 01:41

Modeller / "Jedi of the screenshots" :p (I did a lot of those maps a few years back, still willing to make screenshots if needed)

Currently working on nothing at all.
Awaiting further assignments.

LukeNoNumbers 2006-06-25 01:52

Sketch artist

Currently working on drawn suggestions for specific shots. Giving Twinsen's capture at the Fortress a go in script form. Could contribute to storyboard if required.

Bot13 2006-06-25 02:13


Currently doing nothing. Working on projects like LBA1R. Which could actually contribute, because my low-poly models could be integrated in the movie when we really haven't got enough high-poly ones. (only in far shots though).

Darkflame 2006-06-25 04:48

3D Modeling/Animation + Person who orders everyone else about

Currently: Sycning the script to the block animtion.

Atresica 2006-06-25 12:08


Assassin 2006-06-25 20:21

Not much people who are still active...

Adding FP and Lewi-G there are still only 8 active members.

Lightwing 2006-06-25 23:01

It's not really much worse than before. At least there are 4-5 active modelers that are ready to do work momentarily. Usually it's just 1-2 at a time.

Dotten 2006-06-26 11:57

i'm still here...the most things i make gets remade. i'm a Modeler/Drawer

Firephoenix 2006-06-26 12:08

I manage the RMP site, help a bit script decisions, and I can model untextured models in max.
To model misc. objects, and even secondary characters it seems we wont have problems, but we lack skills in texturing scenes and rigging characters. So if you can help with those delicate operations please post below.

Lewi-G 2006-06-26 18:12

Hey guys,

3D animator and modeller.

Unfortunatly a bit inconsistent with my deadlines as work is mental but happy to help when I can.

I can also do voices. Gollum from lord of the rings, Donald Duck etc.... Not sure if they are useful but who knows :)

...LBA-baZ... 2006-07-01 14:30

I have to think that I can use in creation of the film in so much modeller and animator 3d, I have knowledge in this domain. I do not know if it is here that we join to take part in the project, if it is not here, disez I where. Please.

Ps: so I could can be to make voixs but for the French version |) . If there is....

Faust 2006-08-09 11:52

Voice actor

Currently I am training with some voices: Bob Vortix, Funfrock, Twinsen. I'm very flexible with voices :D

Double-J 2006-08-09 17:08

Maybe you can help us with the LBA Prequel team then? We're active right now and looking for voice actors. ;)

SebZ 2007-01-07 09:56

Foley artist, final sound mix / render, final video render.
(I'm just assuming those are my positions though I have sent off an email to FirePheonix with no reply)

I use Vue 6 Infinite for the final renders due to it's complex yet wondrous engine.

Edit: Oh and a voice actor if you don't mind having an Australian accent in it...

Darkflame 2007-01-16 19:47

Im still very histant about using Vue for rendering.
Assembleing and rendering in max, or ver a plugin rendering (Mental Ray, Vray, ect) I think will be easier in terms of compatibilitys.

Your ok for the other jobs, however.
We certainly need a sound mixer!
Also the more voice-artists the better really. We can decide on parts later.

SebZ 2007-01-17 01:44

I can buy 3DS Max. And I have Maya atm.
We can use what ever software that you want for this, and I'll render it with Vue just for fun :p

Darkflame 2007-01-17 20:44

Sure, no harm in expirements.
And as far as geometry is concerned, its easy to swap assets around.

Double-J 2007-01-17 23:45

Lead Voice Talent (at least, my voice made it into the original RMP demo...we should YouTube that, btw :p)

Lightwing 2007-01-17 23:55

A little vain aren't we? ^_-

On a serious note, you should stick around. Your voice acting isn't too bad (i peeked at some lba prequel auditions stuff - plz don't sue me) and I imagine at a certain time we'll need all the voice acting we can muster up. Voice acting is something we haven't actually given a lot of thought to, at least I haven't. Now I realize we would need recorded voice before doing actual character animation.

Block animation will do for now, but we'll need voice actors before proceeding with finer animations, and even precise timing. As various people speak at different speeds, I think it would be unwise to assume certain cuts when characters are talking. We've no idea yet what actor we'll end up with. We've also got no idea what STYLE of acting we want. That's another thing up for discussion.

Darkflame 2007-01-18 00:11

We are lucky, however, that for the intro we do not need Twinsens voice.
Just a narrators.
So it gives us time to expirement without pinning down any really important parts yet.

Double-J 2007-01-18 03:40


Originally Posted by Lightwing (Post 302383)
A little vain aren't we? ^_-

On a serious note, you should stick around. Your voice acting isn't too bad (i peeked at some lba prequel auditions stuff - plz don't sue me)

You vile fiend! You foolish fool! You sanctimonious snotbag!

You peeked! :lol:

Frankly, I'll do whatever role is open and you guys think fits best...;)

LukeNoNumbers 2007-01-18 08:03

I won't be able to dedicate an awful lot of time to the project, but I can still help with character designs. I won't be able to do as many drawings as before, though I would still like to help in a, er, minor capacity (I wouldn't be able to be chief artist).

Lightwing 2007-01-18 08:12

No problem. Any help'd be appreciated.

Cloneguy 2007-01-19 20:16

I'd still like to do some concept art, and I'm also still available for voices...

Since I've been away for a while... where can I find something to do? :D

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