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Lightwing 2006-06-25 02:31

Quetches -- Body Anatomy
I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere that has a discussion on how variuos species on Twinsun look like. If that's the case, it's probably old, forgotten, and consensus was never reached.

Sure, there's discussions on FunFrock and Twinsen, but if we don't consent on body anatomy, then we'll likely end up with both of those characters looking like they belong to different species.

So here goes. We need to develop how each of these races will look like.
_ _ _ _ _ _

Some of the items may not need discussions (ex. arms, legs, torso, etc), others only a quick consensus, while the rest will probably take some time to decide. Feel free to comment on anything I didn't jot down in the list below.

Also, if you want to, provide pictures along with your descriptions.
  • Head : What shape? How should the jaw look? How should it connect with the neck?
  • Eyes : How big should they be? Eyelids? Brows? Should there be a dip under and above the eyes, as with humans?
  • Nose : Human? Slightly humanoid? The way it is in the game? Should there be a brige under the nose?
  • Ears : Human? Partily human? Adapt the game design's look?
  • Mouth : Should it have lips? If so, what structure should they have? Should they have a human muscle system or like in the game, where they can form into absolutely any shape?
  • Hands : We're probably sticking to 4 fingers. What about the joints? Do we want to adopt a human skeleton for this part and just lose the pinky?
  • Feet : In case we show anybody barefoot, how would the feet look like?

Game Designs: (LBA2) (Note the contrast between FF and Zoe)

Forum Member's designs: (Luke) (Luke) (Gobbles) (Gobbles) (Gobbles) (Luke) (Luke - headshot)

At the end of the thread we should come up with a clear consensus that will dictate how future concepts/models are rendered.

Darkflame 2006-06-25 04:56


Sure, there's discussions on FunFrock and Twinsen, but if we don't consent on body anatomy, then we'll likely end up with both of those characters looking like they belong to different species.
I agree a concess has to be reached...but, frankly..they do look like different species ;)

Darkflame 2006-06-25 05:21

Obviously too low res, but I always liked Jasiek model:

Obviously too low res, and purhapes a bit young looking.
But the headshape, preportions, and inset eyes I like.

Jasiek 2006-06-25 16:46

:) I'm glad you like my model :) However I had much work on it since that time, he doesen't look so young anymore I think.

But it's still lopoly... You can use it tough, as a template or something.

Aule 2006-06-25 18:18

Twinsun racial biology community?

Darkflame 2006-06-25 18:23

Yes, I think the model makes a good rough.
Imo, for the rmp the eyes should be a little bigger...but we need more viewpoints on this to get a concensus.

what physicaly charecteristics make a Quetche ?

LukeNoNumbers 2006-06-25 18:40

1 Attachment(s)
I actually really like the idea of a young Twinsen - about the age of Jasiek's. If he's a 'little guy' his triumph over adversity is more exciting. I think Jasiek's model also has the right build, so would be a great reference (the primary reference, perhaps).

The quetches could vary the most in appearance, basing them primarily on humans.

Here are a few drawings of quetch skulls for a few characters. Obviously, the starting point was the human skull.

Jasiek 2006-06-25 18:54

I think you should also decide on facial hair, like eyelashes, eyebrows, mustache, beard. Zoe had eyelashes, but that can be only a feminine thing. Eyelashes make it easier to show emotions, but Twinsen looks wierd with them. You could however say somewhere in the dialagoues, that the diversity in the anatomy comes from the magical nature of this world, the type of life the charachter has, has a real physical impact on his features.

Very cool sketch of the skulls, I was trying to draw a skull yesterday, but it didn't worked out. A front view, with the half of the face as a skull, and the other with the muscles would be cool. I think they should have lips, but without colour, it could be also a feminine feature, the bright red/pink lips.

LukeNoNumbers 2006-08-03 02:31

1 Attachment(s)
Good idea; I'll try a few muscle diagrams of the quetches.

I think as long as every character (with the possible exception of the clones, and the more than possible exception of the skeletons) in the game has a brow, they will be able to express diferent emotions. I agree that Zoe should have eyelashes.

A consistency could be that the only hair on a quetch's head is in the eyebrows and the ponytail, and the females have longer eyelashes. This goes against the suggestion in LBA2 that Twinsen can grow a beard, however.

I still like the idea of a younger Twinsen, though. This could be done by giving him a rounder face and a scrawnier body.

The ponytail could be a way of sugesting a character's personality. I did these on a train journey, so they're very sketchy, and ignore the actual heads, as I don't think any of the appearances of these heads have been decided upon. I only drew the heads to show the size and position of the ponytails - besides which, I haven't drawn the heads very well.

Twinsen and Zoe both have swirly hair which mimics both the movement of the Sendells and the S symbol. The doctors (the bony, vulture-faced chap) have rather missile-shaped ponytails. Funfrock has a very rigid ponytail, fastened tightly and staying in the same place, easily controlled. The quetch clone/soldier's ponytail has been slicked across the back of his head.

LukeNoNumbers 2006-08-09 02:47

3 Attachment(s)
Here is an attempt at quetch bones and muscles. Basically, this follows the anatomy of a human, though the proportions are changed in areas. Twinsen here is quite slight (it seems to fit the character), so the muscles aren't as big and bulgy as he is sometimes drawn. I've never drawn muscles before, which explains the odd proportions. Basically it was a way of figuring out what Twinsen looks like underneath the skin. I'm trying Funfrock, who has a completely opposite physique.
However, since characters could work well with a rubber quality (in terms of animation), muscle and bone structure is much less important for the movement of some characters, possibly only needed to get a consistency.

Lightwing 2006-08-09 07:53

I like the Twinsen/Quetch model overall.

His head/neck proportion is a bit weird, but that's all.

A few things to ponder: Should the ears be human, like in the picture?
Should the nose be flat like that too?

Quetch 2006-08-09 10:15

hmmmm his head is weird .... it looks like a primate head or like a cave-man's head ... it is because the eyes aren't too deep .... the cavities in which the eyes are put , are a bit deeper ;) plus , the whole facial expression ( slim mouth and nose ) makes him look funny ... sorry for the critics , but overall , the drawing is A-OK ;) I like your style :) super drawing

mickiedaniels 2009-01-31 21:51

thanks for the information here guys. :D

Jasiek 2009-05-27 21:24

1 Attachment(s)
Hi, this is the last model that I had for the Little Bigger Adventure (LBA1 Remake):

It's lo-poly and needs some cleaning up still, also some work around the hands(or even new ones) but I converted it to quads and into blender, and since I won't be using it any more (except maybe the head) I'm donating it for everyone who wants it.

Here's the file:

EDIT: Made a little change in the neck area so it looks nicer when subsurfaced, attached the result.

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