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Lightwing 2006-06-25 03:50

Grobos -- Body Anatomy
Probably the easiest species to pinpoint.
  • Head : What shape? How should the jaw look? Should there be a jaw at all?
  • Eyes : How big should they be? What shape? Eyelids? Brows? Should there be a dip under and above the eyes, as with humans?
  • Mouth : Should it have lips? If so, what structure should they have? Tusks in some but not in others?
  • Hands : How many fingers? What about the joints? Do we want to adopt a human skeleton for this part?
  • Feet : In case we show anybody barefoot, how would the feet look like?

Game Designs:

Designs by Forum Members: (Cloneguy) (Angry Monkey - Rendering) (Luke) (Luke)

At the end of the thread we should come up with a clear consensus that will dictate how future concepts/models are rendered.

Jasiek 2006-07-23 22:03

Hullo, I've done some work for my project, maybe this will come in handy as concept art ;).

Lightwing 2006-07-24 00:25

Thanks, they look quite scary :)

DedalousDiggle 2006-07-27 02:28

I don't know how true to the game they are, but I love Luke's drawings.

Lightwing 2006-07-27 02:49

Yeh, he's pretty good with concept designs.

Grobos can't really vary too much in concepts. They're basically walking elephants.

Jasiek 2006-07-27 03:47

I personally think they need normal boots, if they have this regular elephant feet it makes look them unbalanced, there's too much stuff at the top, and too little at the bottom. They also need more gear, grey patches of elephant like skin with an armour on top of that maybe enough for a charachter that has no more than a few dozens of polygons - but surely it's not enough for a movie. It needs padding, bolts/screws, belts, straps, clamps and buckles. The uniform doesen't of course need to be based on any real uniform, but it has to make an appearence, that it actually works, that all those things have a purpose, that it has some structure, that's holding it all together. And they need to be able to somehow take it off. The mine ones, I tried to make in a early industrial feel, and to make them look like soldiers, with worn out armours, etc. And I'm quite satisfied with them, the only thing I find unrealistic is that it would be impossible to squeeze those elephant ears into the helmet and those "ear containers":p. And I think that, in LBA1 you couldn't really see the face of the guards, so If I'm remaking all the Funfrocks troops, I think I should keep with that, an unseen evil is a more terryfing one, and can give more tragism, when Twinsen finally realizes that there are real living creatures inside theese armours - if you know what I mean.

Lightwing 2006-07-27 05:01

Yes'm. Good points all around. I think that the grobo clones should definitely feel unique from the rest of the grobos. The industrial feel is good, but it's not LBA enough. It's a good direction though.

LukeNoNumbers 2006-07-27 12:05

I think I prefer a more clean stark look. The look with the pipes and metal is an interesting one, but I don't know whether it's appropriate for Funfrock. I think they look a bit too bulky, and the metal's a bit too rusty. I think they look rather too Warcraft-y.

I don't think that the supergro would need any armour, as noone will ever get close enough to him - the simplicity of that design gives it more of a coldness. Sometimes a minimal look is better than a heavily detailled one. I'm thinking specifically of the armour; it's a logical addition but it just doesn't look quite right to me.

Perhaps there should be a thread on the clones; they do deserve one. :cool:

I agree about the grobo's feet, though. Otherwise we're in Babar territory. :p

Jasiek 2006-07-27 17:55

I think it is most appropriate for Funfrock, becouse of the early steam/combustion machines he has, and you can look in the actual game at the amout of pipes in all his factories. With the Supergro I agree, a lab coat or something, making him even a bit more scarry.

Lightwing 2006-07-27 21:25

Haha, yes, a labcoat would be a nice touch.

Cloneguy 2007-01-19 21:32

I think a tight bodysuit (like skaters wear) in the blue/white coulours of the Supergro's would look better than a labcoat.
That makes them resemble Funfrock himself , and the evil doctors that skulk about the prisons too much.
And it would look 'messy' when they walk. Thy're not only super nurses, they're also super soldiers, so a tight simple design ould be more menacing.
As for Jasiek's Grobo design, I love it.
I'm not too sure about the pipes, but the rest looks good.

(Your Quetch soldier looks a bit like something out of that other french game, Beyond Good and Evil ;))

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