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elmuerte 2014-03-27 01:01

Little Big Adventure mobile version review
The people from DotEmu were kind enough to provide me with a review copy of the now available mobile version of Little Big Adventure. LBA is available for both Android (Google Play, Amazon Appstore) and iOS. This review is based on the iOS version which I played on an iPhone 5. Given the fact that this site is dedicated to LBA I will not go into reviewing the game design, we already know it is an excellent game. This review will only discuss the differences between the original game, and the mobile version.

Read the full review here.

Polaris 2014-03-27 01:10

Dotemu peeps were nice to give you a copy

A review already ? You are fast :p

elmuerte 2014-03-27 01:14

I received the copy last week, and played it twice since. This review has been waiting to be published for a couple of days.

Polaris 2014-03-27 01:17

Smart :D

This version looks nice. In your review it sounds like having to drag the ball out slows down the pace of the game, but when I think of it, LBA never really was an action game, it was about finding the right spot to hit the ennemy before he hits you, the first one to hit wins due to the damage animations.

elmuerte 2014-03-27 01:21

It didn't slow me down. Instead of positioning myself, and throwing the ball a couple of times I could perfectly aim and time my hits. In the end it takes me less time to get a hit in the mobile version.
For example, the bouncing rock like creatures in the Temple of By and the eggs in the cloning center were much easier to get rid off in the mobile version.

xesf 2014-03-27 12:18

I play it very few yet, but the only thing I notice missing was the Pan (but there is a workaround).
We usually Pan everything in a mobile now-a-days, and it's like a mandatory thing for me. I notice myself making Twinsen walk to diferent directions because of this.

For the workaround, you can Pan using Two Fingers together. It will use the Pinch feature and won't change the Zoom too much, giving the Pan behavior. It has slight issues that I hope they fix in the next updates.

As interface wise, I was expecting something more similar than the original game. There is a mix of new interface and old original interface that doesn't catch my eye.

Didn't like also the squared initial screens, but I understand why they did it.

The jump feature is really nice, this is for sure a great improvement. Still have the Magic Ball to test thought.

I do like the zoom feature, but understand what elmuerte says about it.

Well, need to play more the game, didn't get out of the Prison yet, so I will probably made a proper review after finishing the game. Also, I need to get the iOS version to play in the iPad in a bigger screen.

Edit: Just play a bit more and yes, there is a Pan feature, they actually say it in the first tutorial. Hope it will be fixed for a more smooth version.

In-Game zoom sceneric scenes are amazing :D

Kroll 2014-03-27 17:50

I add my viza card to my ipad because of this game and this is a first game I bought on the mobile devices!
Got outta the prison, gameplay is pretty convenient for me :)

xesf 2014-03-27 17:54

I'm missing path-finding.

Renesans 2014-03-27 18:46

hint: double tap the screen and drag your finger, it's much easier for me.

I think a toggle for running would be better than the current double tap option.

xesf 2014-03-27 18:51

The drag is nice indeed, but even with it I feel the need of the path-finding because my finder blocks the screen.

Lupin 2014-03-27 21:51

What would be nice is if there was a subtle, short distance path finding to avoid getting stuck in the corners, it happens all the time when you want to get around a wall go through a door from a side. It gets frustrating on the phone, like when you try to move the crates.
Otherwise it's pretty well adaptated.

sonbosun 2014-03-28 01:30

I also played on the Android.
Everything is OK, but I miss keyboard control, I want they add the digital-pad interface...

MurZiCk 2014-03-28 04:39

Thanks for review, it it very informational!

Also i was able to adopt russian translation for android version ;)

WebSeed 2014-03-28 11:23

Playing this on a new iPad mini. I'm really enjoying this so far but finding the lack of path-finding a little bit frustrating (keep running into the edge of walls etc.). I can see why this might be a bit tricky to fully implement but even having this aware of a single obstacle (and navigating around this) would be really useful. Alternatively I think an touchscreen analogue thumbstick might work too.

xesf 2014-03-28 13:08

Just notice while playing in iPad 2 (lower resolution) and Nexus 5 (higher resolution) that I actually prefer playing on the Nexus with small screen than on tablet. Anyway, I do think using a more recent iPad with higher resolution and big screen will be better.

Necdilzor 2014-03-28 15:50

Thanks for such a good review! It's nice to see that the game has been properly ported to mobile devices and not in a lazy/bad way.

CrazyBee 2014-03-28 23:56

Awesome review! ^____^ I need to try this port at once!

Polaris 2014-03-29 01:32

Port ? Where to ?

Streg 2014-03-29 01:34

bought it. The gameplay looks nice...
more than 100 people bought it alraedy. I hope it will keep selling :)
polly, your joke was bad, and you should feel bad.

Darkflame 2014-03-29 02:54

Needs to get a bit more coverage on the major sites.
We should start a spa...promotion campaign.

Still , positive feedback in all the comments.


Originally Posted by Polaris (Post 447908)
Port ?

What vintage?

Tequilla 2014-03-29 04:11

I don't come here very often, just going to pass by to say...
Already bought. :cool:

I wonder if it is going to run well on a nexus 4.

EDIT: It is running quite well so far, I stopped playing after the second island to recharge my phone. The only thing i kinda wished they had put (but that is because i am lazy to double tap) is a run button just like the sneaking button or an always run option.

Good port, the sound and music is great, better than expected.

marcosmapf 2014-03-29 05:47


Originally Posted by Tequilla (Post 447914)
The only thing i kinda wished they had put (but that is because i am lazy to double tap) is a run button just like the sneaking button or an always run option.

That's not only you. It seems like this is a general complaint, so they will probably add something like that in the future. Meanwhile, we just have to be patient and wait

Polaris 2014-03-29 12:01


Originally Posted by Streg (Post 447910)
bought it. The gameplay looks nice...
more than 100 people bought it alraedy. I hope it will keep selling :)
polly, your joke was bad, and you should feel bad.

:sigh: I'm so dumb, I swear I misread "I need to port this at once."

MurZiCk 2014-03-29 12:17

Arrr, temple of Bu...

I think there NEED some delta between finger and pointer then jump... What do YOU think?


Homeless 2014-03-29 12:31

Informative review on there. Bought it as soon as I saw it was out. Now lets hope it keeps gaining traction on the whathaveyou stores, with new and old users alike.

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