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TheRealBlues 2019-03-01 17:33

Someone explain this to me. (LBA1)
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I played the game how I normally do, though I did skip some stuff (namely, I never went and read the ancient ruins in Twinsen's house), and this is the first time I've seen this happen. Did I break my game?]

Edit: I actually found another topic with the same problem. Totally weird. This is the Steam version, btw, and I live in the United States. This was never in the original CD version released here!

Polaris 2019-03-02 21:35

Hehe, I was surprised as well when I first encountered it |)

It's a actually the bug fix of later version. It was possible in the original game to get into the museum without the red card, steal the key, then escape through the sewers before getting knocked-out by the clone. The result was that it was impossible afterwards to get the red card, since at this stage, you're supposed to have it. (This is known as the red card bug.)

These barrels are there to make it impossible for the player to flee the scene of their crime. :D

Charie 2019-04-04 08:28

Heh yeah that's a famous bug! Well not bug but an accidental no-win situation.

Phreak 2019-10-19 11:19

If anybody wants a copy of the original map file it's attached to this post

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