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Angelus 2010-12-08 20:48

My Lba 1 remake
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Ok last time. When i say hi to all I show this pictures:

Now time for some pictures from application progres. This is first version of map created using my editor :]

Polaris 2010-12-09 18:02

I don't remember who was right (I think it was Darkflame ?), this cartoonish style is awesome !

I hope you'll put more stuff in this map, it looks a little naked.

Angelus 2010-12-09 18:16

This map is only very first version and will be change for sure. In this moment I try to bring it to life (create moving character in it) this is my first step in creating the game.

David 2010-12-12 00:33

join us ;)
there's a blender prison map in our SVN server, but still lots of maps need to be done

Polaris 2010-12-12 00:41

Yeah, but this project and the LSA are very different, graphically speaking, the LSA wants to be realistic and this one looks more cartoonish...

Angelus 2010-12-13 00:06

I appreciated this invitation but I will refuse it. I watched game that you make and I want to take other path. This not mean graphic style because I didn't decide on it yet.

I just prefers other style of work. I work on game so I build game engine that will support things that I want to do. And to this moment almost all my graphic will be in WIP (work in progress) state. In your game I see nice graphic but I don't see almost any gameplay.

Polaris 2010-12-22 17:23

So ? How's the project going ?

Angelus 2010-12-24 04:10

Movie 001
From my last post pass pretty long time I know that but I had hard time in last
weeks. So not to much time to do project. But tomorrow is Christmas Eve and
today I finished some of started works. Effects you can see here:

I know that is not something awesome but i think it's acceptable in this moment :]

Polaris 2010-12-24 09:25

Nice, that certainly is a good start. I hope you'll be able to finish it :tup:

Angelus 2011-01-03 05:00

Hi to all in new year. This time I bring some new video from progress of work.

Mostly changed location on which I test game. There is no new mechanic in gameplay because I worked on tools end engine elements that will help me with later works.

I hope that you will like content of this video :]

Polaris 2011-01-04 00:20

So far so good... :)

if you need some textures done, I use photoshop a bit.

Angelus 2011-01-04 01:39

Thanks for proposition I will write to you soon for sure :] But in this moment I still don't know all graphics trick's that I will use in game. So it would be not good if some of Your work go to waste.

Angelus 2011-01-11 04:29

In this week I done small graphics changes, but many optimization of rendering and other things that are not visible. Preview of what has been done you can see below:

Armageddon 2011-01-11 09:02

Wow. That is pretty good angelus ;). But erm what rendering engine are u using? o.O

Angelus 2011-01-11 10:35

Thanks, it's my own engine, I write it in C++/OpenGL.

Armageddon 2011-01-11 14:45

Will there be any chance of u releasing it as opensource. Soon?

Angelus 2011-01-11 19:35

I will release binary version of game and if somebody will want some tool to modification of locations. As I mentioned I only plan to create part of game not full production.

In this moment I don't plan to release code for game and engine. I plan to develope it further and create others games.

If I had released code I would always think is one of my change is destroying work of others. Because I plan to change structure of engine so much as it need to get to state that I want. And I know from my experience that often this changes need many fixes in code of projects. And if I need to make this changes it is ok for me but I know that this would be irritating for others.

But maybe when I will had pretty stable version I will release its code. Who know, time will show.

Armageddon 2011-01-12 18:09

That's ok, I understand. There are many engines around now (if not millions). But, if you do ever release it. Tell me!! :)

Polaris 2011-01-12 22:42

Why are you that interested in his engine ?

Armageddon 2011-01-15 10:07

I don't know, I just am. I have a collection of nearly 30 opensource engines and I like expanding my possibilities for improvement. I am interested in his engine so that one day I to can make one.

Armageddon 2011-01-16 12:34

WEll any news to report angelus?

Angelus 2011-01-16 16:22

There is still not week from last update :P And probably this time news will be a little late because i have much work in my job and school. But I will try to show some interesting stuff.

Angelus 2011-02-04 01:51

Some new stuff to watch. This time I done many changes in managing geometry, some first graphical effect and many WIP models to create feel of Citadela Island.

Polaris about textures I decided to make textures with normal maps baked from hi-poly models using blender so in this moment texturing will wait until I find some time to create models.

a1i1d1e1n1 2011-02-18 21:56

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im in the process of making cita dale island in 3ds max here is a screen shot of what i have done so far

Polaris 2011-02-18 22:47

Very nice :)

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