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Reek 2002-11-01 20:33

Say something nice about the member who posted before you
I got this idea from another forum:
Each one will say something nice about the last person who posted in this thread.

Let's go!

Cyberg-Ares 2002-11-01 20:49

anakin: your avatar is funny:p

Panda 2002-11-01 20:55

cyberg-ares is a very useful member of society

Reek 2002-11-01 21:04

Pandemona is the funniest person i have ever met.

Twinsal 2002-11-01 22:15

Wanting to kill you gives more use to my life.

Or isn't that nice? In that case: ignore!

Cyberg-Ares 2002-11-01 22:19


Originally posted by Pandemona
cyberg-ares is a very useful member of society
i am not...

twinsal has a funny sig'

Hoborg 2002-11-01 23:07

Cyberg-ares has some nice engrish in his siggy

(perhaps this isnt fair.. nobody knows me, heh)

Reek 2002-11-01 23:25

Hoborg is polite. :p

Atresica 2002-11-02 00:30

Anakin called me the Almighty Atresica in another thread ^_^

(hey, that's nice, no? :p)

Neko 2002-11-02 00:39

Fireball2k is cool and nice (bit unoriginal :D )

mark my word: this thread is perfect for those with low selfconfidence :P

Phoenix 2002-11-02 03:25

Jesse 'used' to have a cool haircut :p

Twinsal 2002-11-02 09:59

Phoenix has a great avatar. (I really should think of something better)

McKay 2002-11-02 14:19

When i think of Twinsal (not much :p ) I think of Sendell....:D

Cyberg-Ares 2002-11-02 14:49

mckay used my sendell, on his website

Twinsal 2002-11-02 15:07

Cyberg-Ares is a cool name.

kaderoboy 2002-11-02 16:11

Twinsal likes to think hey own way and be unique (in a good sense) ;)

Neko 2002-11-02 17:06

Hey my current haircut IS cool ! :D

I discovered longer hair than normal is way better than short :)

Oh yeah, hey this is annoying lol, fireball2k is the only 'firewhatever' I remember most of the times. :)

Reek 2002-11-02 18:03

Jesse scares me. (In a goood way, ofcourse!)

Bomba! 2002-11-02 19:29

Anakin is a great name.

P.S Starwars owns you.

Panda 2002-11-02 19:39

Bomba is a good COunterstrike player
too fucking good :D

Twinsal 2002-11-02 19:57

Pandemona helped me by telling me you could run in GS(:o ).

Phoenix 2002-11-02 20:49

Twinsal looks like Atresica

Twinsal 2002-11-02 22:10

Phoenix just said something nice about me.......I think.;)

Star 2002-11-02 22:16

Twinsal's real nice

Twinsal 2002-11-02 22:20

Star might be the best friend I ever had.

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