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elmuerte 2021-10-28 08:45

LBA1 and LBA2 made Open Source
2.21 has just released the source code of LBA1 and LBA2 as Open Source. It has been made available under the GNU Public License version 2.

You can find the code on 2.21's GitHub:
The above repositories are the historical archives. They also created two repositories which are open for community patches: LBA1 community repo, LBA2 community repo.

This will definitely help ScummVM improving support of LBA1, and hopefully also be the start of having support for LBA2 in the future. ScummVM recently releases version 2.5.0 which contains support for running LBA1 with some minor issues.

The LBA community has already developed quite some tools to mod the games in the past. But this sure will help in improving those tools too.

elmuerte 2021-10-28 11:04

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