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Lord_of_2_suns 2002-04-23 20:12

favorite Place in LBA?
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Whats ur favorite Island.. 

wacko 2002-04-23 21:16

I voted Desert Island because in LBA1 it had a very good atmosphere (although it's quite small) and in LBA2 it's a huge island with lots of things to do.

HomerSimpson 2002-04-23 21:29

Desert Island, because Baldino lives there (and the cart is there)

kaderoboy 2002-04-23 22:39

Hm, you didn't have the Hamalayi there which is probably my favourite place because of it's appearance etc.

Vultures 2002-04-23 22:40

citadel island , because it's the island when twinsen lives.

Gustav Sweden 2002-04-23 22:55


elmuerte 2002-04-23 23:42

proxima ... I think...

Atresica 2002-04-24 00:17

Hmm, tough choice, nah, I don't have a fav place

Kieron 2002-04-24 01:27

I like Principal - more specifically, Oldbourg. I hope LBA3 has a very very big Oldbourg city... *sigh*

Fireball 2002-04-24 02:03

HHmm... i like Otringal, but Citadel is better, loads of suff to do there.

Lightwing 2002-04-24 04:35

I like 'em all (accept for the Esmer ones..they just looked gloomy+dark). No siriously, there's not a single place in Relentless that I like better or worse then the other.

Kieron 2002-04-24 04:45

Aaah but the Zeelich locations aren't dark and gloomy any more, are they?! They're all treey and idyllic.

Lightwing 2002-04-24 04:51

Yeh, it looked interesting in the bad though that I never actualy got to see them in game mode. Mebbe they'll show it in LBA3...if they are consistant and don't just replace it with the old version of the islands. Just like they weren't consistant and removed a lot of parts in LBA2.

Kieron 2002-04-24 04:53

Like their last hold on realism. They lost that for LBA2 :)

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-04-24 16:51

And I the Rabbibunny Likes Desert Island hihi

Gustav Sweden 2002-04-25 11:53

Agree on Old-Burg, that's a first!

Franco is quite nice and Otringal is huge, but the other Zeelichian islands, dont remember them so well actually...

D`Sparil 2002-04-26 01:49

I'd have to agree with El. Proxima was my definite favorite. I mean... to me it seemed like a "main island". So.. like, there could be a lot of potential for it when LBA 3 comes out. But, since that wasn't an option, I put my vote in for Principal. The Old Burg just rocks. It'd be so cool to see it in LBA 3. That, Proxima Island, and Rebelion Island are gonna be the things I want to see the most.

kaderoboy 2002-04-26 11:08


Originally posted by Kieron
Aaah but the Zeelich locations aren't dark and gloomy any more, are they?! They're all treey and idyllic.
Their gloominess actually made them look more enigmatic in my view. There was something about those deep gas layers and strange atmosphere. I guess the new Zeelich looks something like paradise :)

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-04-26 13:48

As i think what ive heard Zeelich and twinsun was the same planet ive readed that in the game.

and umm yeah

so from the start it was wonderful before Funfrock came is that right or was is Darkmonk??

if am right Darkmonk went allied up with twinsen in the end =)

G.A. Zogem 2002-04-26 13:51



Edit: Dammit, it's not on the list

Morden279 2002-04-26 15:50

Rebellion, just cause I like the military side of LBA. ;)


Snapman 2002-04-26 21:58

Meh, my fave place is actaully on Zeelich.

Island Of The Francos.

It just rocx. It looks different from anywhere else.

ChaosFish 2002-04-27 17:17

The houses on Franco island looks like the houses in the rabbibunny village near the mutant factory...

Dag 2002-04-27 20:55

I think the Himalayas are good because of the music but white leaf desert is the best becuase of the horse and the cool little elf :jetpack:

G.A. Zogem 2002-04-27 20:57

Hello! Welcome on board Dag!

Dag 2002-04-27 21:00


Atresica 2002-04-27 22:25

greeting to the board, there are two rules

Thou shalt obey me
Thou shalt not give me too much work

well... there are more, but these are the most important one :p

kaderoboy 2002-04-27 22:44

Welcome to the board Dag :)

oscar 2002-04-27 22:52

Otringal....well it is a rather boring planet huh?

Lord_of_2_suns 2002-04-29 10:51

Hmm as i see it Otringal and those Lava planets would be more intressting too see in LBA3 because of the Jungles and all is changed now...

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