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Nix 2001-05-30 04:51

Can Someone Please Explain How The Save System Works In LBA
:? I'm very confused :?

wacko 2001-05-30 08:42

When you start a new game, you can type in your name, or at least, the name you want your game to be saved under. You will then start to play. LBA will automatically autosave when you enter a new area. When you restart the game, you can select your name and continue where you've been.

This system makes it not possible to save several savegames like in LBA2, or at least harder, because with a few tricks this is possible.

It could be tricky sometimes, because when you get killed half across the area, you will start over at the begin of the area again. This could be very frustrating sometimes.

Less confused now? ;)

elmuerte 2001-05-30 10:52

LBA1 (auto)saves at two points:
  • when you enter a new scene
  • when you have acomplished a task

it's the same as the "autosave" game in LBA2

Razor 2001-06-03 15:07

dl the Savegame Editor after finishing the game to replay some scenes
I think this thread should go to hints section

wacko 2001-06-03 15:15

Nah, it's a general topic about LBA.

Hints/Spoilers is more for people who are still playing the game and can't get any further.

Blowgun 2001-06-03 16:00

Yep, LBA saves when you enter a new area, But the thing I always do is: when you enter a new area, copy the current
savegame into a new one. When you get killed, you will start over
in the same area, but with one clover less or less energy. then you quit the game and load the copied savegame, and you will be
in the same area again with the same amount of live, then you
can delete the old game, and backup the current again. This way
you can save whenever you want. You will always have 2
savegames, the current and the backup.
Ofcourse you don't need to do this in every area, but its verry
handy now and then.

elmuerte 2001-06-03 19:48

and that's what they call "save cheating"

Blowgun 2001-06-03 20:13

its not cheating in any way, its a ingame-option, you don't need
to bakcup trough windows or something.
You can copy savegames whenever you want from inside the
game, its just safer to play that way.

wacko 2001-06-03 21:03

bwah, I don't think it's cheating either. It's just using an other way of indexing your savegames.

Kieron 2001-06-03 23:16

I always hate it when they design games with complicated save systems which mean you can't 'cheat' with it. They should give us the option of when we want to save, we paid for the bloody game!

elmuerte 2001-06-04 00:37

when you save your game on certain cue points (after a difficult part and get a next difficult part) en keep reloading it until you get it just right is call save cheating.

Ofcourse saving at any point in the game is a must, I just hate it when I have to go and there's no way to save the game at this point....

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